Jess Ripp: More government is the answer to the problems within MPS!

In a recent interview with Patti Wenzel of Third Coast Digest, far-right Republican State Senate candidate Jess Ripp, who’s facing off against Chris Larson here in the 7th State Senate District, said he agrees with Scott Walker’s plan to break the Milwaukee Public School system into smaller districts. You’ll remember Walker’s plan for breaking up MPS involved dividing MPS into ten to twelve autonomous districts with the goal of increasing accountability. Ripp also added breaking MPS into smaller school districts would, “spread the responsibility for education to more people.”

There’s absolutely no doubt the responsibility for education would be spread to more people if MPS were broken up into ten to twelve autonomous school districts, as each of those ten to twelve autonomous school districts would need their own autonomous school boards, not to mention district administrators, including superintendents. If each of the ten to twelve new school districts had a seven person school board, Walker’s plan would create 70 to 84 new elected school board members, not to mention dozens of new administrators, which would certainly increase the size of government. Considering how closely Ripp has aligned himself with Scott Walker, I can only assume Ripp is a small government conservative, so it seems odd that he supports a plan that would actually increase the size of government, at least when it comes to the school board.


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