Lawsuit filed against SoS candidate David King

While I haven’t written a lot about Republican Secretary of State candidate David King, I have chronicled a few of his foibles, from his unpaid utility bills to the judgment against him and his God Squad for failing to pay an outstanding bill to a speaking bureau to calling Gov. Jim Doyle a “crackhead.” In an interesting twist to the train wreck that is David King’s campaign, the Journal Sentinel is reporting King is the subject of a lawsuit alleging he got a woman pregnant (out of wedlock, no less!) after getting her drunk:

David D. King, the Republican candidate for secretary of state, has been accused in a lawsuit of getting a woman so drunk she passed out, then getting her pregnant.

Charlette Harris, 31, said King hired her to work at BuySeasons Inc., a New Berlin firm. During a lunch with him in August, her suit contends, he bought her several mixed drinks and later took her to his apartment. She says she passed out but in September learned she was pregnant. She says she is a lesbian and has not been with any other men.

Her lawsuit, filed in Milwaukee County Circuit Court, includes claims for battery, violation of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent supervision, on the part of BuySeasons.

Obviously the timing of the suit is curious, and it will be interesting to see how much truth there is to the claims being made.


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