Milwaukee County Dems turn the tables on Fox News

Watch as some folks from Fox News get the cameras turned on them after they show up at the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County’s meeting on 10/25/10.

H/T to Eye on Wisconsin.


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8 thoughts on “Milwaukee County Dems turn the tables on Fox News

  1. First let me say that Sachin Chheda is a major asshole and a typical democrat who uses hate and intimidation in attempt to make a point. What a total arrogant creep and this is exactly why people are tired of democrats across the country and why they are being voted out and are now being told to go sit in the back of the bus, America is tired of their divisive attitude and their failed policies, when the LAMESTREAM media talks about extremist all they need to do is look at any member of the democratic party and out of touch and wrong for America.

      1. It was very clear that this clown has a hate for the #1 news network and he clearly hated thatthe crew was tere and the venom from his piehole was obvious. He really did try to intimidate a news crew that was there just doing their job, he made THEM the story instead of holding his little meeting for desperate democrats trying to figure out a way to once become relevant in politics.

        1. So wait, he used “hate and venom” simply because he dared to call out a crew from Fox News who happened to show up unannounced at a Democratic Party of Milwaukee County meeting? How dare he question their motives for being there! The nerve!

          1. Was it an open meeting or a closed meeting? If MSNBC or CNN had showed up would he have grilled them the same way. No this little blowhard had to act all macho in front of a bunch of blue hairs and made a complete ass out of himself and the democratic party. America is still a free country and while I am sure that disappoints many progressive socialist who thought by now Obama was going to have control of the media.

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