Molly McGartland refuses to answer questions…should we be surprised?

In an election year that’s become synonymous with conservative candidates refusing to engage the media and answer questions about where they stand on the issues, far-right Republican State Assembly candidate Molly McGartland has refused to answer a candidate questionnaire sent to her by the Bay View Compass:

Molly McGartland, Republican candidate for the Wisconsin 20th Assembly District, has refused to answer any questions for the Bay View Compass newspaper’s candidate questionnaire. In contrast, her opponent, incumbent state Rep. Christine Sinicki, did submit answers to their questions. Questionnaires Sinkicki, McGartland, Jon Richards (D) and his challenger Crista Burns (R) for are in the current issue of the Compass.

Maybe Molly didn’t want to answer questions about her financial difficulties, or perhaps she just doesn’t care if the voters in the district she aspires to represent know where she stands on the issues. Either way, Molly McGartland took the easy way out by refusing to answer questions asked of her.


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