Ron Johnson’s moneybomb? More like a moneydud!

On Thursday Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson’s campaign had a moneybomb, and at the time I wondered how much said moneybomb would actually raise. At the time of my post, the Johnson campaign had raised just a shade over $65,000, and it turns out the final total for the Johnson campaign’s moneybomb wasn’t much higher, with just over $68,000 raised.

No doubt the failure of Ron Johnson’s moneydud, especially in comparison to the success of Sen. Russ Feingold’s “Cheddarbomb” last month, will result in Johnson pouring even more of his own personal wealth into his campaign to defeat Sen. Feingold, but the failure of Ron Johnson’s moneydud leaves me wondering why he has such difficulty raising campaign contributions that didn’t come from his own checking account. If there really is such a wide enthusiasm gap this year, then shouldn’t Ron Johnson be able to raise (with ease) vast sums of money from his fired-up conservative base?


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