9 thoughts on “Sean Duffy: No Show

  1. The ADA was just so straightforward about it. Clearly he is confident that Duffy will not challenge him on this fact.

  2. I always thought that they should put out an ad with family values duffy hanging out with newt(who went up and raised money for him).

      1. there is no comparison between bill clinton and Newt. Hell I would rather have John Edwards fundraise for me than Newt. Newt came up with the brilliant line to one of his many ex wives when he was dumping her….”your not pretty enough, and besides you have cancer.”

        1. Your alleged quote was basically said by John Edwards, even if he didn’t say it, his actions said it for him. So your distinction is moot. “I think Newt is slime because I disagree with him. John Edwards is better because he’s a liberal.” A hypocrite liberal, but a liberal nonetheless. Er, sorry, PROGRESSIVE. Global warming is such a big problem that Mr. Edwards had to build himself a mansion with his own basketball court. But at least they stopped eating imported fruit.

  3. Ouch, cleary there is more to the story “behind the scenes,” because Duffy has only been running for Congress, what a year, tops? And he was the D.A. for seven years. Something doesn’t add up. What does Mr. Goglin think of Duffy’s performance during the other six years? Isn’t that a valid question?

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