Senator Feingold garners endorsement of national trade group

Yesterday incumbent U.S. Senator Russ Feingold received an endorsement from America’s largest non-partisan trade coalition, the Trade Brigade PAC of Citizens Trade Campaign. Here’s a snippet from that group’s endorsement of Sen. Feingold:

“A lot of candidates talk about trade reform at election time, but Senator Feingold is walking the walk in Washington,” said PAC Director Andy Gussert. “Since 1992, when CTC first formed, no other Senator has fought harder to reform trade laws to better serve working people. Senator Feingold has repeatedly taken principled votes against corporate special interests to make sure we stop offshoring our state jobs.”

Senator Feingold recently cosponsored the Trade Reform, Accountability, Development and Employment (TRADE) Act to offer a more balanced way to expand trade. This reform legislation lays out a new fair way forward, outlining what congress should support – and must oppose — in future globalization policy. It also means Senator Feingold took a tough stand against the national Chamber of Commerce and other large multinational corporations who oppose trade reform, and are fighting to keep the status quo.

“There is nothing creative about destruction,” acknowledged Gussert, “Ron Johnson argues every trade agreement is automatically a good trade agreement, while Senator Feingold is taking the hard steps to make sure we reform the failed policies of the past.” Feingold led his Senate colleagues in cosponsoring the TRADE Act, and has consistently voted against other job killing trade deals modeled after the failed North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

“Senator Feingold is working to make sure we craft future trade agreements that will reflect the interests of a majority of people,” concluded Gussert. “We applaud him for being a real reformer on trade, and enthusiastically offer our endorsement to his campaign.”


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