Tea Party candidate: violent overthrow not off the table

Watch as Stephen Broden, the “Tea Party” candidate running for Congress in Texas’ 30th Congressional District, describes how violence is not off the table as an option if conservatives fail to win majorities at the ballot box:

I’d love to hear one of my conservative readers defend violent overthrow of our government as something that should be on the table if Republicans don’t win majorities this year.


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3 thoughts on “Tea Party candidate: violent overthrow not off the table

  1. Bring it D-bag. I’ve seen a lot of pix of the Teas, fat in the extreme, lumbering complacent constipated over-fed cows and most well over 50, haven’t gotten of the couch in years and rely on Glenn Beck to feel their own emotions for them. Nice army.
    It will be like a Dick Cheney game farm hunt. but where the pheasants annoy the living crap outta ya for a solid decade first, and then someone hands you a gun and says “Go for it. um…They say they wanna fight”

    Good luck with that plan, ya paunchy moron. 🙂

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