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  1. Good thing you don’t live in Delaware then. She doesn’t have to be “YOU” or “ME”, because we don’t live in that state. If the people of that state want her to represent them, so be it. None of my business. Just like I wouldn’t want Chris Dodd, Charlie Rangel, or Barney Frank representing me, but then again, they don’t!

    1. Just like I wouldn’t want Chris Dodd, Charlie Rangel, or Barney Frank representing me, but then again, they don’t!

      Except those tax-cheating, bribe-taking crooks are writing our financial and tax laws! I’m sorry – those are really three of the worst most destructive Congressmen there are. Given their track record – especially Frank and Dodd who bear more responsibility for the financial crisis than any other individuals – it’s absolutely shameful that they were allowed within a country mile of creating the fixes for problems they made.

  2. I wonder how many voters in Delaware dabbled in witchcraft….that could be a key voting bloc for O’Donnell.

    1. You mean like the key voting bloc for Barack Obama who wanted God to damn America?

      1. Apples and oranges. Listening to that kind of rhetoric and actually “dabbling” in bloody-altered witchcraft/Satanism are two different things.

        1. Gee and I thought liberals were open-minded to all beliefs and faiths? Only when convenient I guess. Tolerance ends when a person has an “R” behind their name and threatens the Democrat majority. And it’s not exactly her belief or faith anyway. From what she said, she basically hung around a guy and went on a date with him who was into that stuff. Seems like that’s at least equivalent to listening to hateful rhetoric for 20+ years.

          Apples and oranges eh? Do witches want God and/or Satan to damn our country?

          1. Intolerant?

            Nah, try not putting words in my mouth. I was simply pointing out the difference between listening and participating, because there is a difference.

            If Christine O’Donnell chose to “dabble in witchcraft” (her words, not mine) as a young woman, then so be it….the voters of Delaware will decide whether it’s an issue for them or not.

            1. Ok well you are the one who raised the issue to begin with, hinting at intolerance.

              The voters didn’t seem to mind Barack dabbling with snorting coke, so I don’t know why they would be bothered by this.

              1. They also didn’t mind KKK members or people who drive drunk, kill passengers and swim away from the scene. Or is this also apples and oranges?

  3. Zach…I’ll give you the worshiping of Satan and the bloody alter…but I don’t think there is anything wrong with putting some witch-y hexes out there once in awhile….. 😉

    Here’s a true story…I know someone who would camp near Palmyra, WI and he was hiking in the woods when he came across a bunch of women standing in a circle chatting or something…they tried to get him to come to them but he was so freaked out he ran away. He was certain they were witches.

    Anyway…I cannot wait to see how many teabaggers vote for this kooky person!

  4. The Issue here is not is she a witch or isnt she a witch. The issue is she has been the one for the last 15 years or so, preaching to be holier than thou. It turns out that she(surprise surprise) is another of the do as I say not as I do holy rollers.

    I will agree with her position though on not being a hare krischna because I dont want to give up meat!

    1. Well there’s really no “turns out” or “surprise surprise.” It’s no surprise that has been unearthed, considering she admitted it on a TV show 15 years ago.

      1. that assumes people watched and remember Mahers shows from 15 years ago…..Im betting no one remembered her.

        1. Regardless of who remembered it, she did not keep it a secret, as you implied she did in your statement about being holier than thou. You and MadCityMan seem to think anyone who who speaks out for high standards and doesn’t live them up to them, negates the validity of the standard and the person.

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