Ament to run for County Executive?

Tom Ament for Milwaukee County Executive?!? Say it ain’t so!

According to the article written by Steve Schultze, Ament won’t confirm he’s definitely running for County Executive, nor will he rule it out, but if Ament does decide to run, he’ll have a big advantage over some of his possible challengers:

Ament has maintained a fat campaign account over the years he’s been out of office, spending little and taking in nothing except interest income on investments. County records show it now stands at almost $450,000.

By contrast, others lining up for a potential run at county executive had far less on hand. Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. had $62,272, Holloway had $9,215, state Rep. Jon Richards (D-Milwaukee) had $46,915, Rep. Jeff Stone (R-Greendale) had $12,843 and Supervisor Johnny Thomas had $2,818.

For the record, I’d rather see anyone but Tom Ament run for County Executive, because the last thing Milwaukee County needs is Tom Ament as County Executive.


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1 thought on “Ament to run for County Executive?

  1. After watching County Exec Walker completely bamboozle the county and state voters, I spose he thinks he’s got a shot too. Dream on Macduff!

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