Dan Sebring alleges vote fraud, refuses to concede

Despite losing to Rep. Gwen Moore by 82,000 votes on Tuesday (A result I rightly predicted, by the way), Dan Sebring, the far-right Republican challenger to incumbent Rep. Moore in the Fourth Congressional District, has refused to concede the election, alleging vote fraud on Facebook before taking the post down. Here’s a screenshot of the post in question, seeing as how Sebring removed it from Facebook:

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We are compiling statements from poll workers who can attest to surges of “new” voter registrations without proper verification of residency (like trying to use advertising mailers addressed to “occupant”) and other anomalies at the polls yesterday. If you are a poll worker or voter who witnessed such things I need to hear from you asap!!

I understand that alleging vote fraud in the City of Milwaukee is par for the course for conservatives during an election year, allegations of widespread vote fraud have never been proven, and while I understand Dan Sebring is probably having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that he was absolutely crushed in a year that was obviously favorable to Republicans, one only needs to look at the composition of the Fourth Congressional District to understand that from the moment he declared himself a candidate, Dan Sebring was destined to lose to Rep. Moore.

Ed. Note: I’ve edited the post to include a screenshot of Sebring’s allegations, seeing as how he’s removed it from Facebook.


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8 thoughts on “Dan Sebring alleges vote fraud, refuses to concede

  1. Wow, I know how Dan feels at this point but voter fraud of that magnitude is a little unrealistic even for the most organized of groups.

    While Gwen won I still feel bad that it is just so darn easy for her. She simply does not campaign at all. That means she doesn’t feel her job is at risk. I’m fairly sure that is not a good thing.

    1. The fact is, Sebring performed about as well as could be expected for a Republican in a district as heavily Democratic as the Fourth. In fact, Sebring’s vote percentage was within 4 points of Rep. Moore’s challengers in 2004 and 2006.

      As to your second point, I’m definitely disappointed in Rep. Moore’s lack of campaigning.

  2. “the far-right Republican challenger to incumbent Rep. Moore”

    Where is the description of “far-left” attributed to incumbent Rep. Moore?

    1. My description of Dan Sebring isn’t inaccurate, just as it wouldn’t be inaccurate to label Rep. Moore as “far left.”

  3. Continuing on giving the theme of individuals credit for having the courage to put themselves out there, that goes double for those who know full well they don’t have a prayer and still do it.

    That said, much as I think vote fraud is something we need to be much more diligent about, to say that it had any effect on the final outcome of that race is just not realistic.

    1. I agree with your point about individuals who put themselves out there as candidates for elected office, especially the ones who know they’re long shots.

  4. Yeah unfortunately it seems a lot of candidates and campaigns find something to blame their loss on rather than just taking what is as it is.

    Aside from this absurd allegation, I didn’t hear much harping about voter fraud or irregularities from either side anywhere around the state, and to me that is definitely a good thing.

  5. Even though I disagree with Dan on pretty much every issue, I like him and respect his run. However, I am sick of hearing the “voter fraud” issue in Wisconsin. JB van hollen made it his obsession to stop it, and what did he do get like 11 convictions in 2 years? most of them were felons who did not know they could not vote.

    When he starts to investigate the voter caging engaged by the tea parties and reince priebus then i will take them seriously.

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