Do your duty – vote today!

It’s voting day, sobe sure to do your civic duty and get out there and exercise your right to vote. It’s our ability to vote for whomever we choose that makes America great, so don’t shirk your responsibility….I know I won’t.

(In fact, I’m actually voting for a Republican this year…)

If you’re not sure where your polling place is located, you can check here to find out.


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15 thoughts on “Do your duty – vote today!

  1. So Zach – since you brought it up…is this actually a contested race you’re crossing over to the dark side for or is this a Feingold crossover where it’s a decided issue anyway 😉

      1. I’m glad I read this before voting today…because I was going to vote straight Dem…and now I won’t. I forgot about this race. Now…I only have one and half hours to get to the polls…wish me luck in getting there.

  2. When he votes against his party to display his “maverickness” but only when the vote is safe.

  3. You Go Russ. Keep your Maverick ideaology going. Make those big American businesses pay their fair share, increase the corpoarate tax from 34% to 39%. They’ll never dare to layoff any more or lower existing benefits. Big business will just fall in- line and not raise product or services cost, which might shift the cost on to middle class. No NEVER. And go ahead and raise the Federal Poverty level from 2 times 21,000$ to 4 times 21,000$ to qualify for Badger Care. USA free enterprise/businesses can pay more for more lazy partimers to get Free Govt Health Care Reform. Keep voting that Party line too, say NO to making English the Countries National Language, just like you 2007 vote. Keep the Soft Socialism agenda going, more people Receiptants of Govt checks, you’ll always have a Job. I love the Idea you and Washington will raise my kids, as a parent, I only have 49% say in their lives or well being. You can wipe their back/ nose’s, drive them to brainwash temple of No Keeping Score at TBall. And everyone passes the Math/Science test, Dare iz no rong anser. I love to see Greece and France as our Mentors. Large number of people in govt jobs, hard to tax enough of there GDP to make payroll. PS search and read – Dr. Adrian Rogers 1996, You Can’t Multiple Wealth, by Dividing Wealth! You make the Pres of Iran jealous of the new polices, regulations + dept Czars powers, that you voted in the last 24 months. Yuz goz Russ

    1. Tadd, are you opposed to big businesses paying their fair share in taxes?

      I had a hard time discerning that from your comment.

    2. That is so insane I dont even know where to begin. A couple things…the current “bush taxcuts” have nothing to do with businesses and 2/3 businesses pay no taxes now anyway.

      I am however willing to pay more for you to go to public school so you can learn how to type and complete sentences.

  4. Do you really think he voted against the patriot act because it was safe or because he truly felt it was a bad bill?

    1. Time and time again conservatives have cited Sen. Feingold’s vote on the Patriot Act as an example of his “fake” maverickness, but here’s the thing: at the time Sen. Feingold cast his lone vote against it, the Patriot Act was incredibly popular, as was President Bush. By casting a vote against the Patriot Act, Sen. Feingold took an unpopular position and was attacked nearly nonstop as a result in the 2004 election.

      1. By casting a vote against the Patriot Act, Sen. Feingold took an unpopular position and was attacked nearly nonstop as a result in the 2004 election.

        I agree with that completely. He took a big gamble there – not in terms of his party, there certainly was no impact there. But he did take a stand for individual liberty against a huge tide of popular support for giving it up in exchange for something resembling temporary security. You will never hear me express anything but admiration for him with regards to that vote. Unfortunately, I just think it stands as a lonely exception. I wish there were more like it.

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