national party same as the local…

While the republicans took sweeping victories in the recent election, mostly due to the high unemployment rate and poor economy, you would think jobs and the economy would be priority number one. As Zach pointed out, it is not even on the list for state republicans. Recently, Speaker of the House, John Boehner, let it be known his number one priority is to eliminate the office of congressional ethics.

As Boehner himself has said “”Now more than ever, citizens want to participate in government and hold their leaders accountable.” Apparently he thinks that just applies to Charlie Rangel.

The New York Times recently called the Speaker out on this immediate change of position!

“outraged taxpayers who voted against business as usual in Washington” will undoubtedly be “dumbfounded” if Boehner weakens or eliminates this linchpin of congressional ethics. The destruction of the OCE will signal “a retreat to the days of good old boy self-policing and no real accountability.”

Boehner’s problem is that actually holding congress accountable is in direct contrast with how he governs. The republicans are handpicking top aides, many of them old K Street hands, to staff key committees and Capitol Hill offices. Some tea party activists grouse that lobbyists and insiders are trying to “co-opt” the GOP freshmen.

We will see in these next few months how “Independent” the “tea partiers” truly are.


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