This morning local hate jock Vicki Mckenna posted on her facebook page mocking the hate crimes currently happening in Whitewater.

Vicki McKenna
i’m starting to smell a rat. 3 “hate crimes” in a month? something’s up.
i am going to bet $ on a couple of things: 1. there is no KKK in whitewater. 2. this is either a fake hate crime, or a dumb kid messing w/people he knows, but doesn’t like.

I pointed out that with political “leaders” like Rebecca Kleefisch spouting her own brand of hate, especially towards homosexuals, that it is not surprising. I was promptly banned from her facebook.
With Ms. McKenna its all or nothing, you either agree with her 100% or she wants nothing to do with you.

There is however a whole organization dedicated to stop the bullying and hate crimes called noh8campaign. Besides I will stand with Tom Bergeron and Gene Simmons over Vicki Mckenna anyday!


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16 thoughts on “NOH8

  1. That’s hilarious, Super.

    I’ve always been against any legislation of “hate” crimes or escalators. Generally speaking, the action is the crime and what somebody was thinking about is not something our laws can or should do. It’s too ambiguous and requires knowledge of intent that we don’t often have.

    Leave it to the juries. They’re much more able to make the adjustments to the specific situation than our legislators are able to predict and spell out ahead of time.

  2. I hate crime is one that is meant to send a message to a Group of people or a community. They dont hit jill smith because she is jill smith they hit her because she is gay. They do it not to hurt her per say but to send a message to the whole gay community to Watch out. Thats what it appears happened here.

      1. If you get beaten up by someone, it’s a crime for sure. However, if you want to make a message about that? Say how all crimes of abuse, of hurting people, and hatred are bad. It’s like those people who are saying things along the lines of “It’s not just gay people who are bullied, they’re taking it like they’re the only ones and crying about it again!” – well of course not. People of different races, of different genders, of different financial statuses, different religions are all bullied.

        Be a bigger person and go into a movement to try to make all harassment known, instead of pissing on people’s movement and disregarding what they had to go through.

        1. I’m not disregarding anything. I am just saying all crime must be treated the same. Black on black crime should be treated the same as white on black or black on white, etc. That’s called equal protection of the law.

          1. All right, that I can understand and I apologize. It’s just the wording of how you stated it? Dealing with a lot of people in real life who comment about how “racism doesn’t exist because you want to see it” despite being called “intelligent for your race” or “You’re not lazy like the rest of them”? It hits a nerve because I know the reason I get accepted is because I am not as dark as say my grandparents. (Who people notably turn away from me when they see me caring for them.) So I tend to get a bit snappy when when people just sort of keep blunt comments without explaining the whole view.

            I’m all for people understanding that crimes and abuse happens in every shape and form. If a person does have a history of maybe attacking people of a different race, religion, gender, or sexuality or something they should be taken into account for, because they may actually have an irrational hatred towards them. This even includes people who lash out violently against the majority as well.

            This is why nothing should be brushed off completely and shouldn’t be seen as something that ‘just happens’ and accept it. ( Example: I remember reading about a case in Florida where the man was abused he called the cops on himself to take himself to jail and because police kept just laughing at him for being beaten up by his girlfriend numerous times before. That’s wrong. This shouldn’t be something to put women in a ‘bad’ light, but rather the person doing the abuse in a bad light. )

            1. Forgive me if I’m misunderstanding you, but it seems to me you’re suggesting that the alternative to hate crime laws is to just ignore crimes. I know I don’t think that way – and I’m pretty sure forgot doesn’t either. If somebody commits assault, it’s a crime – period. Not brushed off or seen as something that just happens. No way. But if we say the person who committed the assault does more time because the victim was gay or from one ancestry vs. another we’re saying some victims are more important than others.

              1. The difference is though, when an “assault” is committed because someone is different then them,(IE gay, minority, etc…) then its not an assault its terrorism. It is meant to terrorize that group of people.

              2. Honestly? It’s the problem is the fact a lot of people do think it’s the alternative. I believe there are many intelligent individuals but I have dealt with people who believe certain things along the lines of if they see a child getting beaten up by their parents in a parking lot, people just roll their eyes and say “They should do that at home.” – That in itself that mentality is what is wrong to me.

                I don’t believe it’s a case of people being more ‘victims’ than others, but rather it’s a specific crime instead if that makes sense. Is a man shot in the head at random at a store in a robbery any less of a victim of a woman who was beaten and tortured? Absolutely not, they both ended up dead and they should be both acknowledged as such but if one was motivated because of something they can’t control that should be acknowledged.

                It’s hard to put onto a proper scale of these certain things, if this makes any sense but it’s important to acknowledge if there was some sort of irrational hatred behind it and that made them violent against those people where as someone else might just be motivated from the thrill/greed/power. ( Given, I could get into hurting people is all about power over someone, but that’s another topic entirely. )

                Ultimately, they should be held accountable for their actions but we can’t exactly just brush off hate crimes.

  3. My sister was called the n word for bringing her kid’s non-white friends to a pool. Half the white people in the pool left when the police said they couldn’t do anything because my sister is a USA citizen. They had previously kicked one of the friends’ family out because they were visiting and not residents.

    Racism is very real, and this happened in Wisconsin, this year.

  4. So if a group of thugs go into a Republican campaign headquarters and beat up the staff, or slash the tires of vehicles in the parking lot, is that a hate crime? After all, they were targeted a group because of their views.

    Oh right, that doesn’t count because it is not what YOU consider a group worthy of being protected by hate crimes.

    1. Yes Mark Violence against a group is a hate crime. So if someone beat up the staff of a republican because they were republicans that is a hate crime.

      The tires was just stupid. I dont think tires qualify as a hate crime. Unless they really hated that brand….

    2. Violence against the Republican Party is a hate crime because it’s being used to intimidate and hurt a group as a whole for their specific view points.

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