Ron Johnson’s logic FAIL

Watch as Senator-elect Ron Johnson explains how the only way to try to get out of a deep hole is to start digging:

Maybe I’m way off base, but the last time I checked, the best way to get out of a deep hole was to start climbing, not to dig the hole even deeper.

This is our next United States Senator….ugh.

H/T to Cognitive Dissidence.


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14 thoughts on “Ron Johnson’s logic FAIL

  1. I can assume you failed to notice that MadCityMan posted this very same clip on this very same blog just yesterday.

    I can trust that you and he never have and never will misspeak or mistype even one word. Or, you know, make the mistake of reposting identical video clips.

        1. OMG…..I’m biased! There’s a newsflash!

          Besides, the right wing did a good enough job of pointing out the stupidity of Obama’s “57 states” comment, so I didn’t feel I needed to beat that already dead horse.

          1. It’s a pretty comparable situation. In both cases, it was simply a slip of the tongue – glaringly obvious to anyone with an ounce of objectivity that somebody just misspoke despite the partisans on both sides trying to say it actually meant something more.

          2. Zach, not only are you biased but apparently perfect. I am sure you will never mistype a word on this blog.

            And Anon, obnoxious is pointing out twice a simple slip of the tongue and making something more of it or measuring someone’s intelligence by it.

              1. I’m not sure what prompted that. Apparently someone can disagree only if they are obligated by familial ties?

            1. I’m not perfect, as anyone who has read this blog knows.

              As to your comments about it being annoying this was posted twice, I’ll post it fifty times if I want – it’s my blog.

  2. He’s being completely honest about Republican Policies though.

    You can’t say many senators are completely 100% honest like that. 😀

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