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There are too many examples of the “tea party’s” hypocrisy and doing the bidding of the billionaires despite the fact that it goes against their own interest, to link to. I just thought I would add one more.

Joe Ricketts, is the Founder of TD Ameritrade, and also the website(and sole founder of) http://endingspending.com/ along with “Taxpayers Against Earmarks”. He is so against out of control government spending that he donated almost $600,000 to “tea party favorite lunatic Sharron Angle. Joe Ricketts means business, just check out his mission statement at ending spending:

Despite the massive federal debt and annual deficits that increase the debt every year, the politicians in Washington continue their out-of-control spending practices. Taxpayers Against Earmarks exists because Congress is broken and the federal budget is laden with pork barrel spending – and it is now up to taxpayers across America to fix the problem. Politicians cannot claim to be against deficit spending while they continue to request earmarks and support pork barrel projects. Therefore, Taxpayers Against Earmarks is committed to holding Members of Congress accountable for their wasteful spending practices and supporting those who oppose earmarks. While working to end wasteful government spending, we will expose those in Congress who say one thing and do another. Our non-partisan team values honesty, transparency, practical solutions, and responsible democracy above all else.

Except, like our new Senator Ron Johnson, when the government spending directly benefits him. In January 2009, a Ricketts family bid led by Thomas Ricketts, was chosen as the winning bidder for the Chicago Cubs. All four siblings (Peter, Tom, Laura, and Todd) and both parents share interest in the bid through their family trust. Now this story comes out of Chicago:

The owner of the Chicago Cubs is asking the state to help finance more than $200 million in renovations at Wrigley Field that will ensure the team stays at the historic ballpark for the next 35 years.

Excuse me while I throw up in my mouth!


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2 thoughts on “Tea Party Folly part 354627845273

  1. A lot of tea party supporters in Illinois do NOt support the Ricketts’ request for government funding of their private business.

  2. thats the point of the folly EJ, while these billionaires are bankrolling tea parties and getting republicans elected with one hand, they have their hand out with the other.

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