Topic of the Week: Milwaukee County Executive

Yesterday I noted disgraced former Milwaukee County Executive Tom Ament might be considering running for the office in 20111, and that got me to thinking about who I’d like to see succeed Scott Walker as Milwaukee County Executive. I know who I like, but I’d like to hear from you….who would you like to see as Milwaukee County’s next County Executive, and why?


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12 thoughts on “Topic of the Week: Milwaukee County Executive

  1. What if we draft you and you win be public acclaim? (Skip the voting.) In fact I will begin yelling your name out and see if anyone joins in. I’ll start in Waukesha County. Maybe Rebecca Kleefisch will join in.

  2. Anyhoo…(still LOL)…I don’t know anyone so I can’t give you a name…but I would like to see someone with a conscience be elected. You know…someone who wouldn’t put vulnerable women in harms way while they are seeking help for their mental health problems.

    1. Sue Black has done a good job of managing the parks under extremely difficult circumstances, so she might be an interesting candidate.

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