Turkey of the Year!

Instead of waiting for the year end lists, I thought I would name my Turkey of the year. There is lots of competition but the one I have decided on is Rebecca Kleefisch!

Ms. Kleefisch ran in a fairly crowded field for Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin on the republican ticket. By all accounts. she was accessible and talkative during the primary race. She even beat Madison insider and party favorite Bret Davis. Once she secured the nomination, either by her choice or Scott Walkers, she immediately disappeared. She did surface sometimes from her underground bunker to to hate on gays even throwing her uncle under the bus to cement her position with the base. She also took time out from fighting cancer, to make sure make sure others are unable to get the treatment she has had. Kleefisch also campaigned on an over the top Christianity, (apparently Jesus told her not to debate).

So for her abhorrent view on healthcare, her ducking of debates and voters during election season and her hatred and lack of any specifics, I give Rebecca Kleefisch the Turkey of the Year, even if she has a mini van!

Happy Thanksgiving to all, who is your turkey of the year?


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7 thoughts on “Turkey of the Year!

  1. My “Turkey of the Year” has to be Glenn Beck, with Sarah Palin a close second. He has stepped up his “hate everyone but us” campaign to such a degree it’s beyond any limits we might have thought imaginable. It’s as if he’s trying to outdo himself. I’m waiting for either an implosion or an explosion, because I don’t see how he can keep going like this without his top popping off.

    Sarah Palin gets the turkey nomination because she, too, keeps trying to outdo her own shock factor. Sooner or later she’ll become as tiresome to her own crowd as she already is to the rest of us. It’ll be fun to watch as she descends into oblivion. She’ll not go gently.

  2. I hate to sound like sour grapes but my turkeys of the year are easily the raging lunatic Wisconsin residents who voted for Ron Johnson, Scott Walker and Paul Ryan, oh and Kleefisch. That’s putting it mildly actually.

  3. Ramona – I would say Beck might be turkey of the century.

    Jill i see the resemblance.

    Lou- I agree also but tried to narrow it down to one person. While the competition was tough(rojo, walker, paul ryan, etc…) what sealed it for me was how she hid from the voters. That disgusts me.

  4. IDK…”turkey of the year”…sounds like it should be someone who doesn’t really do a lot of harm but is a clown of sorts. Walker, Kleefisch, Beck, Palin, the WI voters…all seem worse than a “turkey”.

    I guess my “turkey of the year” would be all professional sports organizations…and maybe Christine “I am not a witch” O’Donnell in politics. Brett Favre sure has been a “turkey”…although I’m sure Deanne probably has harsher words for him.

    Ugh…I know I’m making this questions harder than it should be…LOL.

  5. Ron Johnson, no doubt.

    Never have I seen such an empty suit in my life. His entire campaign was “I’m not Russ Feingold.” I’ve never felt such a personal distaste for a candidate before in my life.

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