Uh….what about jobs?

Here’s at least one conservative blogger’s list of legislative initiatives Republicans should tackle with their new majorities in the State Senate and State Assembly:

I’ve had a request to create a list of what Republicans should do with their new majority in Wisconsin. I know this has been done in other places but seeing as this was a request I’ll be happy to honor it.

I’ll start:

Require a photo ID to vote.
Repeal the requirement for a photo ID to buy Sudafed
Require a photo ID to vote.
Repeal combined reporting.
Pass a law repealing the authority of unelected boards to pass tax increases.
Repeal minimum mark up.
Pass concealed carry.

Curiously, I don’t see a single mention of job creation anywhere on that list. Personally, I hope Senate and Assembly Republicans focus their legislative efforts on guns, gay marriage, abortion, the smoking ban, and photo ID for voting, because the less time they spend focusing their time, effort, and energy on job creation, the better the result will be for Democrats in 2012.


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15 thoughts on “Uh….what about jobs?

  1. i saw some place they were talking about bringing back Tabor…talk about a complete losing proposition…

    1. Just noticed the tag…had I seen it before replying I wouldn’t have replied. Who the F*** cares what that mentally deranged person thinks?? OMG…Zach.

  2. This is why I dont believe the BS when they say if the repubs dont stop spending and fix things they will be voted out also. These kool aid drinking blind zombies will come up with another excuse and try and vote them in again next time. They would vote for the abominable sowman if he was in the race as long as he had an R behind his name.

  3. its funny if you can stomach looking through all of the comments still not a single word about jobs. OR lowering the deficit.

  4. “Repeal the requirement for a photo ID to buy Sudafed…Pass concealed carry.”

    This looks strikingly similar to the Amalgamated Meth Dealers’ platform.

    1. Excellent point. It’s all about FREEEEEEEDOM, regardless of whether that freedom will make it easier for meth manufacturers to do their work.

    1. Boots and Sabers just mentioned the popularity of getting rid of same day registration. I think that’s worth a WTF?

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