Walker’s Tax Cutting Fever Belies the Reality of WI Corporate Taxes

WI Governor Elect Scott Walker (@govWalker for those of you on Twitter), is all set to pay back his corporate sponsors with action on cutting corporate taxes in WI, even while our state faces a significant revenue shortfall.  What he and the “lame stream” media fail to compute and report;  is that  even the Tax Foundation doesn’t find Wisconsin’s corporate taxes to be significantly onerous, with the state ranking 29th best on corporate taxes; 19th best on sales taxes and 26th best on unemployment taxes (see their full report here).

State Rankings by Tax Category
Tax Foundation State Rankings by Tax Category

While these results, represent rankings lower then our overall population rank of 20th largest in the nation according to the US Census Bureau Statistical Abstract of the US; they probably aren’t the taxes that the Tax Foundation would find alarming.  It looks like the two tax categories where Wisconsin fared worse then expected were on individual income taxes (state is ranked 43rd best) and property taxes (30th best).  Interestingly Wisconsin ranks 21st best when it comes to median household income, with incomes of $52,094 according to the US Census Bureau.

Needless to say cutting corporate taxes doesn’t look like it will do anything other then further starve the state government and hence reduce our vaunted quality of life.

Let @GovWalker know what you think of his priorities and policies.


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  1. I support reasonable taxation for the benefits that WI corporations receive as entities operating in our state.

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