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  1. If Obama was not so incompetent, if he had just a sliver of an idea what he was doing then America may not have turned its back on hi so quickly. But he has been in over his head from day one and the destruction he has and IS bringing to America is just sad,

    1. Honestly, I don’t see what’s incompetent about him. Then again, I dealt with the wonders of George W. Bush for years feeling the effects of what he did to my friend’s businesses, having to deal with the great No Child Left Behind Act, and other nonsense. I don’t think you did which… you should be thankful for. Seriously. 🙁

      Obama has a lot to clean up, when I voted for him I didn’t expect immediate change and hope, I believed in a step in the right direction. I knew what the Republican Party would do to him almost immediately, they were demonizing him before he even came to office.

      After all, he can’t transform the damage that has been done in two years for what has been a growing problem for the last eight. It’s unreasonable, the only thing I have a problem with is why hasn’t he got us out of the war yet – but I can understand why he hasn’t got us out yet. We have to stabilize the country after what Colonel Clusterfuck tossed us in and we can’t do an epic fail like we did in Vietnam that was pretty much “GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!” – we have to do it orderly and calmly.

      First off, one of the reasons why we have the deficit is because we are in two wars and we lowered taxes. This is a stupid move, no matter how you reason it, no matter how try to look at a different perspective, or how you spin it. Honestly? Bush should have raised taxes when we went into war, of course this is going to make an insane deficit. Keep in mind, historically this is the only time where they gave us a tax break during time of war. I’m not bashing the people who sacrifice their lives and put their lives on the line for this either, I support our troops, but I also want them to come home and get out of that mess. I feel terrible that other liberals demonize them, that they’re probably going to be treated like dicks when they come back – but once we get out of those wars, an easier time we will have in trying to pay up the deficit.

      Furthermore, if the Republicans cared so much about our troops, why are they the ones always the majority trying to block benefits and veteran rights when they come back? I’m asking this, because many of my family went into wars, and they received nothing until a few democrats banded together. Are they welfare queens too as majority of the people say? Are they just looking for ‘pity’?

      Obama has done a lot of good things, an economic recovery isn’t going to be over night – especially as long as we’re putting so much of our money into these wars still.

      On a small note – have you even watched George W. Bush yesterday? He himself even alluded Obama got a mess, he has a lot to clean up. In his words “I wouldn’t wish his position on anyone.” George W. Bush knows he royally screwed up, it’s a reason why he’s staying low.

  2. Obama went into office either naive thinking he was magically end the wars, was magically close gitmo, was magically going to get the radical Islamic world to love us or he knew that the progressives are just a gullible bunch and knew by blowing smoke up butts they would buy into is hotair. Either way this guy went into a job with no experience of any type used two years for on the job training. The Bush tax cuts are what kept America from completely collapsing and now that Obama has decided he has to TAX everyone to cover his poorly planned and thought out socialized medicine plan America will only go deeper into possible complete collapse. But hey as long as progressives feel good about sticking it to the man that’s all that counts.

    1. … Bush’s Tax Cuts are actually damaging because we’re in a war. I don’t care what logic it is, yes the tax cuts would have been awesome if you were not in wars and he tossed everything into Medicaid. A lot of my close friends who are a part of the Republican Party can’t to twist that around without being seen as delusional and just ignoring the facts – I acknowledge yes it would have been decent if we didn’t jump into two wars. But the fact is, you can’t do that without negative repercussions. If anything, the taxes broke America and is the reason why it went spiraling downward. We’ve been ignoring our infrastructure, we’ve been sending jobs over seas in trade agreements, while we continue to lower our taxes. I don’t like taxes mind you, but I do realize they have a use and a need. The money to pay off for things has to come from somewhere.

      Frankly, we had a surplus when Bill Clinton left the office, but after Bush? We got a ridiculous deficit. I don’t see how the taxes are helping there at all. Of course, I’m not saying Clinton is perfect either – he did damaging trade agreements too which bothers me too.

      Furthermore, if you heard Obama’s speeches, listened to him, he said it wasn’t going to be easy because he knew what was coming ahead. He said it wasn’t going to change right away and said that even in the debates. He has to go up hill against everyone. Furthermore, it’s not socialized medicine – it actually forces the insurance companies to go on regulations instead of dropping people when they get sick. (Like my uncle who died from years of working in the papermill. It’s a sensitive topic to me that he was dropped several times. It’s a reason why he ultimately couldn’t pay for treatment because he did not have the money to go all the way down to Chicago to get an insurance company that would pay for him.)

      However, Obama is not taxing all of the classes – he only plans to tax the rich and big businesses. Which frankly? They should be, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have repeatedly stated they feel it’s unfair that they’re not taxed as much as the middle and lower class and they reached a point that it’s ridiculous. But I figure a lot of conservatives wouldn’t believe me on this subject.

      1. “Bush’s Tax Cuts are actually damaging because we’re in a war. I don’t care what logic it is, yes the tax cuts would have been awesome if you were not in wars”

        I agree with you there. I would support a seperate war tax. It’s easy to say that you support the troops, but we need to put our money where are mouths are.

        In previous generations the burden of war was felt by all. Previous generations bought war bonds and endured rationing of commercial staples and faced the draft. We are now so insulated from war now that it becomes a show of supporting the troops when we cheer at sporting events during the fly over, or put a bumper sticker on our car.

        1. Thank you for agreeing with me, I do believe that would have been a better thing to do – my family has always supported our troops in that sense and I would not hesitate to buy some sort of war bonds of sorts if only to get to them out of this position. I have a respect for the hardships and tough decisions many veterans and many people in wars have to make.

          As someone who has had family members gone into war before, they have their own complaints in how things are being run and know exactly what a flaw that seriously is. It’s one thing to say you support your troops, but you should be putting your all into it if you really want to support them. Put your money where your mouth is, so to speak.

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