Apparently David King just can’t stop running for office

Fresh off the heels of his losing campaign for Wisconsin Secretary of State, a campaign he lost by just under 70,000 votes, far-right Republican David King is back for more, as he has filed paperwork to run for the Milwaukee County Board’s 10th District seat. That seat will be vacated by Supervisor Elizabeth M. Coggs (who has the ugliest campaign website I’ve ever seen), as she was elected in November to the 10th State Assembly seat.

King, who lost the Secretary of State race despite the fact that 2010 was a huge Republican wave year and the fact that he outspent incumbent Douglas La Follette by a margin of over twenty to one, will face at least two other candidates for the 10th District seat, as Eyon Biddle and Cavalier Johnson have both declared their intentions to run for the seat. While King may have been able to garner lots of support from “Tea Party” supporters during his run for Secretary of State, I’m willing to bet his far-right views won’t garner him a lot of support in the 10th District.


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