“Citizen legislator” Ron Johnson hires lobbyist as chief of staff

Why am I not one bit surprised by this?

So Sen.-elect Ron Johnson has just hired his chief of staff, Don Kent.

While the official release describes Kent as a former Dept. of Homeland Security worker, that’s not Kent’s only job experience.

After leaving DHS, where Kent worked for Michael Chertoff, Kent became a lobbyist at Navigators Global, where he “heads up the Homeland Security practice.”

Now that he’s been elected Ron “citizen legislator” Johnson is making it pretty clear he’s not the Washington D.C. outsider he claimed he’d be during the campaign, but I’m not one bit surprised that Ron Johnson would pick a Washington insider – and someone with no ties to Wisconsin no less – to serve as his chief of staff.


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4 thoughts on ““Citizen legislator” Ron Johnson hires lobbyist as chief of staff

  1. not so very tea party of him is it? who would dare say the voters of WI made a mistake?

  2. Hey Baggers! A little buyer’s remorse with your tea? You didn’t know how good you had it with an honest legislator like Russ Feingold. More jobs to China, longer working hours, fewer benefits, no safety nets. Too bad I have to suffer with the low information voters that you are.

    1. Nah, they won’t have buyers’ remorse until RoJo is actually sworn in and starts doing the job. Once folks see that he’s going to vote however the GOP tells him, perhaps those folks who voted for him will come to regret their decision.

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