Dane County Exec candidate #4…

H/T The Sconz.

A source close to Joe Wineke tells me that the former state chair of the Democratic Party has filed his papers to run for Dane County Executive.

Wineke, a Verona native, represented the area that includes much of Middleton and Green County in the State Senate for six years, after which he lost in the 1998 Democratic primary for Congress to Tammy Baldwin. He was DPW chair for 4 years, between 2005 and 2009.

Wineke is an old-school Wisconsin pol. Gregarious and collegial, Wineke is also known to enjoy a good beer (or two).

expect Eileen Bruskowitz to jump on the train soon.


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1 thought on “Dane County Exec candidate #4…

  1. Everybody and their mother seems to want to jump into that race…..there will be as many candidates there as in Milwaukee County.

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