Dane County Exec – Update

Due to the Holiday I have been a little lax in updating the race for Dane County Exec.

In the time since I have last posted…Jonathan Barry declared then undeclared all in a few days. Thus leaves an opening for a right wing candidate to surface from in the race.

In other news Zach Brandon, is not only supposed to pick up the republican votes, but also received the endorsement today of Governor Doyle.

“Jessica and I were raised in Dane County and we raised our own family here,” Governor Doyle said. “We will continue living in Dane County after I leave office, and Zach Brandon is the person I trust most to serve as my county executive. He is exactly the kind of innovative leader Dane County needs.”

Brandon served as senior policy advisor at the state Department of Commerce under Doyle, who appointed him to the post of Executive Assistant in August 2008. Brandon was promoted to Deputy Secretary in April 2010.

That makes for an interesting conundrum when the the \"vicki McKenna\" democrat is also endorsed by our outgoing Governor. I am guessing in Zach’s case this is not a helpful endorsement.

Finally, perpetual candidate Spencer Zimmerman is running under the platform of abolishing the Dane County Exec. That solid of a platform should pull in a solid 6 – 10 votes.


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