House votes to censure Rangel

By a vote of 333-79, the House of Representatives voted yesterday to censure Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel after Rangel was found guilty on 11 counts of violating House rules, including failing to pay taxes on a vacation home in the Dominican Republic and improperly using his office to raise money for an educational center bearing his name. The vote required Rep. Rangel to stand in the well of the House as a formal censure resolution was read aloud by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Wisconsin’s Congressional delegation was near-unanimous in its support of the censure resolution, with Rep. Gwen Moore the lone holdout against censuring Rep. Rangel.


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2 thoughts on “House votes to censure Rangel

  1. i think he should be forced to resign…..its funny that the repubs voted to censure when they are all good friends with scooter….I wonder if they would vote to censure him.

    It is also interesting to notice the difference on how republicans treat their rule breakers and how democrats do. While the Democratic house censured Rangel, Ensign is getting let off ( and Diaper Vitter received a standing ovation(

  2. A travesty of justice when a congressmen is censured for failing to pay taxes and raising money for an education center.

    Was this worthy of censure? I don’t think so.

    American cheapens everything today. We know the price of everything and the value of nothing. Even in Congress we have lost the ability to see the value in reserving censure for crooks and criminals who profit from their misdeeds.

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