I guess he doesnt have those friends anymore…

Paul Ryan started his career bucking his party and support for federal legislation banning employment discrimination based on sexual orientation.

“I take lot of crap for that vote” from conservatives, says Ryan, who doesn’t consider himself a strict libertarian but says his views lean that way on this issue. “The way I see that  . . .  may be informed by just friendships I’ve had, people I grew up with in Janesville who didn’t choose to be gay. It wasn’t an orientation they decided to experiment (with) or choose. It’s just who they are. They were just created that way.”

Yesterday voting on the stand alone \"don\'t ask, Don\'t tell\" bill, Ryan was there to please his party with a NO vote. So either he has lost those “friendships” or has evolved to being a pure party hack(or maybe both). Either way it shows the lack of character and principles that Ryan has.


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