Jeff Plale, Russ Decker stick it to state employees

As I predicted yesterday, State Sens. Russ “I was a union bricklayer” Decker and Jeff “I was endorsed by AFSCME this year” Plale both joined Republicans in voting against state employee contracts, resulting in a 16-16 tie vote, leaving those contracts for Scott Walker and legislative Republicans to deal with after January 3, 2011.

Following the tie vote, Senate Democrats went into a closed door meeting where they deposed Decker as majority leader in favor of Sen. Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay), who will serve for the next two weeks until Republicans take over the Senate. Commenting on Decker’s vote, Democratic State Sen. Bob Jauch said, “In 28 years I’ve never seen a leader stick it to his members like this,” adding, “Psychologists probably write books about this type of behavior. It’s a disorder that’s probably now being named.” According to WisPolitics’ Quorum Call, when Decker was asked how his vote against the state employee contracts will affect his legacy, Decker said he had no regrets.

However, the quote of the night goes to AFSCME Executive Director Marty Beil, who called Russ Decker a “whore” following Decker’s vote against state employees.

I know I’m not often right when it comes to making predictions, but since I was right about how Russ Decker and Jeff Plale would vote on the state employee contracts, I’m going to go ahead and predict that both Decker and Plale will end up with jobs somewhere in Scott Walker’s administration, and rightly so, given the lengths they’ve gone to in order to prove that they’re ready to toe the Republican line whenever Scott Walker tells them to.


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73 thoughts on “Jeff Plale, Russ Decker stick it to state employees

  1. Last night sure was interesting.
    Funny that someone went after xoff yesterday for not having hyperlinkable “evidence” Plale was going to vote against the contracts.

  2. What don’t you not understand about November? Decker simply did the will of the people as he should. To you Zack, it’s all about your side winning and nothing about doing the right thing for the benefit of our state.

    1. Sorry…this is not the will of all the people. Maybe it’s the will of the crazy teabaggers…but most of us normal people believe hard working people deserve to be treated with respect and paid a decent wage.

      1. anon and others why the need to show your coarse side? teabaggers? really? If the will of the people brought Mr. Obama into office then what is the difference here? The votes were cast and the ones that won held no secrets as to what their plans were. No train, war on the deficit…and so on. Bitterness degrades your arguement. At the federal level, the vitriol toward the military and associated spending on the left has been overt and yet social programs eclipse the military budget each year. The difference is that when an e3 goes to work, many times they are assured that their job is among the most dangerous and least paid in the nation while the average inner city single mom enjoys a higher standard of living. I do not deny the good works done by public sector employees but the bottom line here is that the contracts are 18 months overdue. If this was such an issue then why take so long to look at the contracts? Why the rush now? The respect thing is something that must be earned and over the last 2 years, longer if you look at the anti Bush rage, those on the left have proven and you have confirmed with the teabagger comment, that you don’t deserve much of the respect you demand. Also one must define a decent wage. The fact that you are assured that your job is secure no matter what the wage is a benefit that far outweighs income. Having 2 permanent jobs that pay $20,000/yr with the option for overtime looks much better than being in a $50,000/yr position in the private sector that has a history of being gone tomorrow. Couple that with the attitude many see in the public sector union attitude toward those that pay their wages and you begin to see the disconnect. It is troubling that the majority of jobs in this state are public sector because it is unsustainable. Eventually something needs to tear and all those of us you flippantly refer to as teabaggers, want to do is save your jobs and our state by controlling some of the expense related to those jobs. If you would remove the horse blinders and look around, you would see that all private sector positions in this state are affected and to find someone to replace any public sector employee would not be difficult by any stretch. We in the private sector can perform your duties and many of us are out of work due to the actions of our govt and it’s employees. You work for me and I can tell you that if I talked about, to, or with my employer like many on the public side do then I would be looking for a job as well. Do not bite the hand that feeds you and you will begin to see that those of us on the other side do not hate you, envy you, or not respect you for who you are but rather we are reacting to your behaviour toward us.

        1. Fishaddict:

          The teabagger comment is mine, and mine alone. I really want you to pay attention to my next comment because I don’t want you to waste any more time writing to me.

          Here is goes: I do not care whether or not you or the rest of the teabaggers respect me…because I find you and the rest of the teabaggers repulsive. Got it?? Good.

          1. Believe me I am not wasting my time…I am using downtime as I work at one of my jobs to explore a very interesting(to me)quality of folks like you. You are not alone in your sentiment or vitriol and it will eat you up and that is sad to me. You do not own the term teabagger because it was started by those in a paygrade much higher than yours and it is quite prevalent among your type. I also find it interesting that using a sexual slur(teabagger)is treated differantly than say a racial slur(wetback) on the news. I could say that I would do something major about it but I have a full time job in the private industry, own 2 businesses, and am a member of the hated by liberal military as a reservist. I do what I have to do to make a decent life for my family and I do it without unions though I was a member of IBEW until they abandoned us in the 80’s with sympathy strikes for UAW and as my own person when I talk to my boss and look for a raise. I am a strong person so don’t worry about me. My type of personality built this country and carried this country, and will take this country back kicking and screaming from the brink of it’s self made demise.

            1. Thanks for demonstrating what a racial slur is, and congratulations on your ability to describe liberals via stereotype. Additionally, way to pat yourself on the back Mr. People Like Me Built This Country.

            2. You’re just full of stereotypes and generalizations, aren’t you?

              I’d address some of them, but it’s not worth my time.

              1. I guess I am failing to understand the thrust of the arguement. I question why on national TV both news and family television(SNL and Comedy central and the like) the term teabaggers abounds. It was and still is used on national talkshows, Maddow dedicated an entire segment to it, CNN, MSNBC and other national news shows use it as a tease “Is the term teabaggers a slur?” and I have to wonder what would happen if Fox came out and used the lead “Has the term nigger lost it’s meaning?” These are not generalizations. These are facts. As for liberals in general, I made no inferance. I am again stateing a fact. When a person (local politician) shoots his TV out of rage of a Palin youth being on TV the news does not make the papers. When the students who are not conservatives firebomb and attack recruiting stations in the city, they are not typed as liberals. I am thinking that the rougue arsonist who is burning homes on the east coast and spraypainting hatred toward the rich is not a conservative but rather responding to the hate on the left. These are not generalizations or guesses, these are facts and prime examples. Fact is that the liberal side claims racism, violence, and outright terror coming from the hated group of teabaggers when for reality, the liberals are shooting members of boards on camera because their teacher wife lost her job, burning and destroying recruiting centers in the city of milwaukee, rioting across the globe because they are having to face reality and live within their means or pay their own way, marching “peacefully” for the destruction of a nation(Israel), making statements like the taxpayers who legaly and actually voted a certain way that does not agree with the liberal way are actually just ‘teabaggers’. I am aware that you also pay taxes but there are those of us who live within our means, want a better life for our children, and can see the direction that our current path is taking us, and we want to change that. We see Europe being brought to it’s collective knees by unions and strikes over things like raising the retirment age by 2 years. We see cities burning because students will be required to actually pay a tuition and we do not want to see that here. We are thankful to help our fellow man as many studies have shown again and again. The more religious and conservative, the more likely you are to give of yourself and volunteer, donate, and help…all the while being happier. We see the fact that we are the greatest nation in the history of the world because of the hard work and ingenuity of the individual, the generosity of the family unit, the courage and self sacrifice of the member of the military and when you look around that is the mark of the conservative not the liberal. Specific not general, fact, not rhetoric.

                1. When a person (local politician) shoots his TV out of rage of a Palin youth being on TV the news does not make the papers.

                  What in the world are you talking about? That made national news.

                  When the students who are not conservatives firebomb and attack recruiting stations in the city, they are not typed as liberals.

                  They may have had our beliefs, but they took it too far just as that extremist with anti-abortion who violently murdered the doctor (Dr. Tiller). Similar was the killing of 3 police officers by a conservative who was ‘Obama’s gonna take away my guns’. Not to mention the murder of the Tennessee pastor by another right-winged extremist. Most conservatives were horrified with that happening. It’s a similar situation. None of the liberals were hailing the students as a heroes, just as none of the conservatives were hailing these people as such. Unless you do see them as American Heroes, then I guess that says a lot about your conservative outlook but I sincerely doubt it.

                  Furthermore, this was national news.

                  the liberals are shooting members of boards on camera because their teacher wife lost her job

                  Are you saying that he was motivated by liberal and socialist beliefs? Newsflash: V for Vendetta while a good movie and graphic novel is open for misinterpretation. Readers are left to determine for themselves whether V is sane or psychotic, hero or villain.

                  Furthermore in deconstructing him, he had very liberal views on gun rights – one of the few things conservatives actually are often liberal with. In addition, he hated taxes and was fighting against said taxes another generally conservative.

                  Let the fights betwen “Clay Duke Was a Dangerous Liberal” vs. “Clay Duke Was a Nutcase Conservative” begin. I think personally he was just an independent nutter, period.

                  The more religious and conservative, the more likely you are to give of yourself and volunteer, donate, and help…all the while being happier.

                  That’s not necessarily true. See Fred Phelps. I met many atheists who are extremely giving, kind, and generous because they see this as their only time on earth so they want to make it wonderful for everyone. They’re also liberal as all well and they have no problem donating to charities and are extremely happy for the most part with their lives.

                  I believe conservatives and religious people are capable of kindness, but to say they’re the only people capable of it is a terrible misunderstanding when they’re often people who spew out hateful rhetoric.

                  We see the fact that we are the greatest nation in the history of the world because of the hard work and ingenuity of the individual, the generosity of the family unit, the courage and self sacrifice of the member of the military and when you look around that is the mark of the conservative not the liberal.

                  I’ll just leave this right here.

                  1. I concede and expected all but the V reference. Yes knowing that story is very similar to the current climate brewing but as you have said many conservatives and many bloggers and some pundits on the liberal side have condemned such actions. On the conservative side entire groups have cropped up out of nowhere to counter the phelps family but like the moderate islam religion of peace talk, we are hard pressed to find liberal counters to code pink and la raza who openly harrasses and actually target the children of those that they disagree with. I do agree that in the big tent society that we live in fringe and nut jobs abound. Trouble is that from one side to the other, it is difficult to see the inner workings. I see liberal groups and politicians across the nation attack the military and also see little or no response against said attacks from anywhere but conservatives, one must assume that it is a liberal tenet from which they are acting. When the Phelps family does the same thing and 3 separate conservative groups appear to counter demonstrate then it can be assumed that they are not part of the conservative movement. When national news reports that black politicians reported that racial slurs were used against them at a tea party rally and not only were no proof given though the entire event was on national news film, but the politicians recanted and backed off but that did not make news…then what can be said about it. It is like asking the question “so you beat your wife, when did you stop?” and then not allowing the answer puts the idea out there and does not allow for rebuttal. the vast majority of tea party memebers are not, have not, and will never be violent and racist but if you ask anyone how they are portrayed in the news and TV and in public, they are the pariah of the American public and will surely spell the downfall of our Republic. I can add weapon owners to that list as well. If you look at who actually commits the gun crimes and uses guns to terrorize, you will not find the average gun owner. And that is the trouble with the big tent. Once it gets to a certain size it includes the nuts. That is why the need for self policing. Jeff Wood was, in fact, taken out of Huber work release to vote. I have to ask what self respecting liberal thinks it is a good idea not to pressure the powers that be to remove a blight on the position. the conserative side has it’s bad apples as well but if one makes a movie about the assasination of a sitting president(Bush) then it is a movie and if a person says that he hopes the president’s policies fail then he is a racist and needs to be romoved from the air and his livelihood. Seems a bit one sided. Bad apples abound on all sides and extreme views do as well. Going back to the initial point I made in the first comment look how no one came out to condemn the use of a sexual slur toward normal everyday folks and everyone piled on to actually defend, deflect, and redirect the discussion. the bottom line is that the majority of voters with to the liberal point of view are either A)too stupid to realize that they are the victim of brilliant though crazy teabaggers or B) your neighbors and many of those around you are actually those crazy teabaggers who voted the way they did just to screw over the public sector worker. Really, Johnson and Walker were not secretive about their plans going forward so it was a conscious vote for what they wanted and seeing as how they won, unless there are contested races I am not aware of the will of the people prevailed.

                    1. “I see liberal groups and politicians across the nation attack the military…” What in the world are you talking about…support for our troops from the liberals in govt has been very forthcoming over the past 8+ years and they have increased support for veterans programs beyond what existed before the GWB administration.

                      “We see the fact that we are the greatest nation in the history of the world because of the hard work and ingenuity of the individual, the generosity of the family unit, the courage and self sacrifice of the member of the military…” I would suggest that we change this quote to “…we are the greatest nation in the history…”! The only thing we currently excel at is weapons systems…in nearly everything else we are steadily slipping down the charts.

                      And I will clearly state that County Executive Walker was for the most part clear about what his intentions were. Senator Elect Johnson was everything but clear: even going to the point of refusing to state his positions on issues because he didn’t want to be picked on for his beliefs.

                    2. We can agree that Code Pink is no friend of the military I trust? The list is long of those that “support the military but not the war” sort of…when recruiting stations are attacked then they do not support the military. When they posit the theories that only the poor and minority are in the military they are lying and numbers prove that rural, intelligent, white, conservative males still make up the majority of the military. We in the military have standards for intelegence, physical ability and and mental stability. I said a while back to my mother when all of the liberal arguements against the wars was that they were going to be another Vietnam was that the only similarity was that the politicians were going to get in the way and screw it up just like they did last time. The other thing I mentioned was that I wnated to be in the first push cause then everything in front of you was a target and you did not need a lawyer to save you or a buddy. Haditha proved me correct and interestingly enough the liberals have less sympathy for innocent men than what we are seeing with the shipper that ‘leaked’ all the docs to wikileaks. It is a pattern and distinctive faults that no matter what you say, your actions speak louder. I would rather get a Bravo Zulu from a Master Chief than have the CIC let me have a 1% raise in pay and maybe not have to have half my battalion on food stamps because they are E4 and below. You cna’t support the troops and show complete disdain and contempt for what they do. You cannot continue the lie that Military is the largest budget item in the federal budget. You cannot continue to say you support the troops but they are a bunch of folks that did not pay attention in school and so they are stuck in Iraq. Like it or not, the US military is the best educated, skilled, experienced, and capable force in the world. That is why when there is a need like disaster relief, humanitarian needs, or just something that needs to be done…and they don’t want to deal with the extortionists, pedophiles and rapists at the UN…they call the US.

    2. Or maybe it was the will of the fact that the American People don’t understand the idea of basic economics.

      As I said before, in 2006, it swung to the democratic party regardless if they were qualified or not, and in similarity in 2010? It swung to the Republicans who were quiet about their actual beliefs to get to the top and all equally not as qualified. The hatred for Obama made the victory for Republicans, just as the hatred for Bush made the victory for Democrats.

      With that in mind, I’m going to laugh when the next election comes and we proceed to swing left again.

    3. No Randy, it’s not all about my side winning; it’s about the fact that state employees have been made into the enemy, as if we’re the reason there’s a state budget deficit.

      It’s also about an elected official leaning on a union for support during their reelection campaign, only to turn around and kick that union to the curb when it benefits said elected official.

      1. No Randy, it’s not all about my side winning; it’s about the fact that state employees have been made into the enemy, as if we’re the reason there’s a state budget deficit.

        Well, the legislators and governor receive a paycheck from the state, so technically they could be called state employees – in which case, that statement is correct. 🙂

        Clearly the reason for our state finances being a disaster id awful governing by in some (many) cases outright corrupt elected officials. In the past 15 years or so (that I’ve been more actively following state politics) I honestly can’t say that either party is at all better than the other.

        Better fiscal management all around is necessary – including all of the contracts the state engages in whether they’re consulting firms, construction projects or those employed directly and through employee unions.

        1. Locke, I’m in total agreement that better fiscal management is needed, but at the same time I’d like to still be able to pay my bills, put food on my table, and maybe have a little money left over when all is said and done.

          The perception that state employees are somehow enriching themselves at the expense of Wisconsin taxpayers is incredibly dishonest; the reality is the average state employee makes somewhere in the neighborhood of $13 or $14 an hour.

  3. Yet these contracts are for 2009-2011. Was Novembers election to make scott walker governor for all past and future governing decisions in the state? Nothing Decker did benefited anyone but Decker.

    1. I do understand the argument that the contracts cover a period of time going back almost 2 years which makes them the responsibility of those in office then (and now). That’s reasonable. But I find Decker’s point – that they should have been brought to a vote before November 2nd, even more compelling. They had probably at least 2 years to get a deal done (assuming negotiations began before the contracts were to take place). The elections weren’t some surprise date that came up out of nowhere – lawmakers knew exactly when their final regular session was and were either incapable of, or chose to not get a deal done in that time frame.

      I don’t believe lame duck sessions should be used for anything other than rare exceptions – and even then, only for very widely supported issues.

      Regardless of what party is gaining or losing power – and regardless of whether I like or don’t like the legislation, once the people have voted in November, the newly elected are the ones who should be governing. Anything other than day-to-day operations and emergency/critical issues should wait until the next session.

      1. locke i agree completely that these should of been taken care of in the last two years. So whoever the leader of the Democratic party was should of made sure that they were. Wait isnt that Deckers failing also??

    1. You find a “no raise” contract unreasonable for someone earning $30000-$40000 a year? How long would you go without a raise before you started speaking up for yourself??

      1. I went two years with no pay raise, and increased health insurance premiums each year, this is the first year we have seen a raise. Did I act like a spoiled brat and threaten to hold my breath because of this, no I did my job and knew eventually things would improve, its what adults do.

        1. That is what the state employees were willing to do…but it wasn’t good enough. You need to stop implying the state employees weren’t willing to give concessions because they were.

        2. The economy is in better shape than it was two years ago, and state worker are accepting a contract without wage increases. What’s your point?

        3. And I’ve gone two years without a raise, and a 3.25% pay cut on top of that. What’s more, I’ve paid more into my health insurance premiums during that time period as well.

          You’re getting a raise this year? That’s great news! I’m glad to see you’re finally going to get a raise after all those years of flat wages, but I’m disappointed that you feel a contract that included higher health insurance premiums, pension payments, and a 3.25% pay cut is too generous for me and my family.

  4. Instead of focusing on job creation Walker chooses to demonize state employees. It’s probably a symptom of the state’s relatively low unemployment when compared to the rest of the country. If Walker doesn’t have something to complain about he’d actually have to do his job and govern.

      1. I had to take a pay cut 1 year ago. I haven’t had a pay raise in 2 1/2 years. I respect what Decker did

  5. Cry me a river…

    “Poor” state employees who pay little (if anything) toward their pensions or health benefits do not have an ounce of my sympathy.

    You guys enjoyed your time in the good ol’ boys club, but that is not realistic in a time when the economy is extremely pinched.

    I especially liked how the Dems brought in “independent” Jeff Wood while he is in the midst of a 60 day sentence for his OWI. Phonies…you stand for nothing! Remember all the fake dedication the State Dems had about drunk driving? That only is true as long as it does not affect the roll call. By the way, how did that work out for you?

    Enjoy your welcome back to earth when Walker and the Fitz brothers assume responsibility on January 3rd. I doubt it is too much to ask to have state workers contribute to their own pensions or insurance plans.

    P.S. Snarlin’ Marlin Schneider had one final rant. Good riddance to him, too.

  6. “I don’t believe lame duck sessions should be used for anything other than rare exceptions”

    So essentially we should pay state legislators and officers for two months while they sit on their thumbs? If these sessions are something to be avoided we should either move the elections closer to January 3rd or move inauguration to the week after the elections…talk about overpaying state employees who aren’t doing any work!

    1. Sounds good to me. Either shorten the time period or they just don’t get paid once the election is over.

      I understand it’s arguable that some period of time might be desired to allow for a “smooth transition” sort of thing. I’m sure there are things I just don’t understand about why it is the way it is, but it certainly seems like too long of a time period to me. If anyone wants to argue otherwise, I’m all ears.

      Count me in as one who believes wholeheartedly that we don’t need full time legislators in this state. They do too little work, for too much pay. And ironically, when they actually do more “work” they end up passing idiotic laws that are unnecessary and make things worse.

      1. I agree, I’m also with you on the last sentence. Personally, I’m actually disgusted at the money they make for what little they do.

        My friend in Columbia, Missouri actually spoke to me saying that their City Council doesn’t get paid a lot at all (if anything) and that in a part means that that Columbia actually is one of the few cities in Missouri are actually beginning to flourish and grow. Of course, because of this? There are actually more ‘honest’ candidates in a way because there would be nothing for them to gain in power other than to develop the city itself.

        What we need is people not going in there for their own personal benefit to gain money and sit there.

  7. I’m a small business owner and challenge any of these so called over worked and underpaid state employees to work with my my employees for a couple of weeks and see what real work is like landscaping and snow plowing.

    The people that pay the bills in Wi are fed up with how fat this state has gotten.

    Did you know Wi now has more government jobs than manufacturing jobs now. You tell me how this is good for regular hard working people?

    1. AL, the people that pay the bills include each and every state employee, all of whom pay taxes just the same as anyone else.

      As to your point about the job you do, there’s no doubt landscaping and snowplowing is hard work, but I’ll trade you two weeks of that for two weeks of you working in a maximum security state prison, where you’ll get to fight with inmates who act out, watch their every move, and if you’re lucky, have them throw their urine or feces on you! All that can be yours for the “generous” wage of about $13 an hour.

  8. And allie- You are aware that Wisconsin has the HIGHEST ratio of manufacturing jobs vs. government jobs of any state in America. Your problem’s with the free-traders and Wall Streeters if you don’t like that stat.

    And save me the “put upon small businessman” routine. Why don’t you sack up and take a risk if you’re such a studly entrepreneur? And no, sitting at home working on some invention while listening to Sykes and Belling is not being a “small businessman”.

    1. And allie- You are aware that Wisconsin has the HIGHEST ratio of manufacturing jobs vs. government jobs of any state in America.

      That’s a very interesting claim/statistic. Do you happen to have a link or a source? I’d love to see the numbers and see how the states compare to each other in that area.

      1. I remember hearing this too back in 2009 – that it surpassed Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and other industrial states because it while it was reliant in industry, it was not completely reliant on the auto industry and had branches elsewhere. I believe here is where I read it originally. A little outdated? Somewhat.

        But from this site with a lot of information it shows nothing has changed that much in respect and we still have a fairly healthy industrial sector. Which is extremely impressive, since Wisconsin doesn’t have the same resources as many other states. The math is pretty consistent too, from what I’ve read about our rankings in our newest report from Bureau of Labor Statistics.

        ( Although the designer in me screeeeams at the website design … )

      2. Thank you for the links. I look forward to checking them out when I have some time over the weekend.

  9. I could understand right wingers being a little upset about this if things hadn’t gone their way, but hey, you won! Rejoice, knuckleheads!

    1. We are happy to regain control from far left american hating progressives. We will bring morals and values back to this country something progressives have little of. So Dan R get out of our way neanderthals like you are just an annoyance.

      1. “neanderthals” says the man who called liberalism a mental disease.

        I’d argue you’re a neanderthal for comparing a political ideology to mental illness.

      2. I don’t really care for morals or values since they differ from individual to individual. After all, isn’t that why many religions broke off into different factions/sects? And why extremists like the Phelps Family exist now?

        When it comes to said morals or values, as long as you don’t hurt someone, discriminate or anything of the sort? I’m fine. I have no use to challenge other individuals own faith or beliefs as long as they don’t interfere in my life. ( I have no desire to marry, have sex, have children, or anything of the sort. I would not like the thought I’m broken in some shape or form because I never had a desire for it. Also, not an Atheist, part of the Episcopalian Church. But I guess it’s like an atheist because we’re heathens who actually more focus on letting others live happily with their lives to the fullest instead of stomping on minorities or anyone different. Although there is a far right sect in that too, though they should just be Catholic in that case. I’m rambling again. )

        Morals and values are irrelevant to me, what I want to see is Wisconsin to flourish and the fact Republicans are nothing but being an eye sore, headache, and annoyance when I want that damn mall in downtown Green Bay ripped apart? You bet I’m a tad miffed.

  10. Dan R- All they care about is what people like me are doing, and their idea of “success” is having liberals like me have something bad happen to us.

    Their lives are that empty, and their skills are that soft. I wouldn’t care, but their bad choices are now screwing all of us up.

  11. Marty Beil ought to be ashamed. Obviously it was emotional and he is angry, but that’s no reason to lash out at whores the way he did. Decker acted like a Republican; Beil is unfair to the good prostitutes who at least aren’t deceitful to the people they ask for money.

  12. Progressives accuse Conservatives to be hateful hard to really take that serious when you see a post like this at the Capital Times, you know this is a union member angry about the contract stuff going on:

    “Would you and others of your mindset, please put a Walker bumper-sticker on your vehicle, so I know to keep on walking, if I see you (or a loved dying) in a crash or getting mugged and/or beaten or the very least falling on the ice and hurting yourself, while going to your car on the street, because I would be laughing to hard at that happy day in Wisconsin. It is time to let the retarded right-wing rectum radical trash (who aren’t already rich) sink to the bottom, where they so strongly want to race. So, if something happens to you and your loved-ones and people walk on by, not providing you any aid, just remember that is the way you wanted it.

    By the way all Decker deserves is to be spit upon, which I won’t be doing, but if he is accosted by others, when I’m around I will just laugh, the same way I would laugh at you, if one of your loved ones dies a slow agonizing death.

    May you have a tragic Christmas and may one of your crashes cause you to become quadraplegic, whether it is your fault or not, it will be what you deserve.”

    1. And for every post like that, I can find an equal (or greater) number of posts from conservatives full of all manner of vitriol and hate towards liberals.

      1. Exactly Zach, it’s not like either side has the only claim on that manner of behavior. What I like about BB is that we generally have halfway decent discussions regardless of political persuasion, until people like fishaddict show up and I can’t contain my anger. Stupid makes me mad, plain and simple.

    2. the dude was a jerk…but being a union member doesn’t necessary equate to him being a progressive…or even a liberal…

  13. There you go a typical progressive instead of calling this bozo out you defend him and say “I can match that.” Why are progressives so filled with hate?

    1. A. What’s the point of calling out one comment on a newspaper article (which brings out bottom-of-the-barrel intellects) when it so obviously happens all the time and people of all political persuasions do it?
      B. I hope the irony of your statement about progressives being filled with hate isn’t lost on you, given the context of this discussion.

      1. “Progressives filled with hate” is ironic, given the rhetoric you’ve used on this very blog. If you want to see “filled with hate,” take a good long look in the mirror.

  14. I don’t mean to point out the obvious and I do have empathy for those trying make ends meet but I have to ask these questions: 1. How many government workers lost their jobs in the bad economy we have had for a couple of years? 2.Which government agencies have less employees today than two years ago because of government layoffs?

    Wisconsin’s private sector unemployment was at 7.6% in November , how many of those are ex-government workers?

    I have mixed thoughts on union efficacy. I believe labor does have the right to organize and strike to correct imbalanced power. I believe that owners have the right to make jobs more productive and to do more work with less people. Workers do not own their jobs. Managers do not own their employees. Within those boundaries, management-labor contracts can reflect maximizing the value of the company in terms of revenue and a worker’s self-fulfillment that will ultimately result in a successful company.

    My expectations for government workers and their results is the same as it is for a private company: efficacy, dignity, and rewards.

  15. Sorry I missed this convo, although everything was pretty well covered but one thing.

    Fish this line was laughable: No train, war on the deficit…and so on.

    whne is that war on the deficit going to start exactly? hahahahahhahahhahahahahahha

    1. PP, I missed that line,too. I like the idea of a War on Deficit spending. Perhaps we could use WMD to describe the opposition?(Want More Deficit)

  16. fish, I think many of your stereotypes of liberals and the support of troops is behind the current times…and I think you should remind your conservative buds that it’s time to step up and support veterans and 9/11 first responders and stop being all gung ho going in and then what do expect from us after the dirty work is done…

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