Larry David: Thanks for the tax cut!

In an op-ed published last week, Larry David, the co-creator of the television series Seinfeld, made sure to thank President Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats (not to mention Congressional Republicans) for extending the Bush tax cuts for the top two percent of income earners in the United States.

THERE is a God! It passed! The Bush tax cuts have been extended two years for the upper bracketeers, of which I am a proud member, thank you very much. I’m the last person in the world I’d want to be beside, but I am beside myself! This is a life changer, I tell you. A life changer!

To begin with, I was planning a trip to Cabo with my kids for Christmas vacation. We were going to fly coach, but now with the money I’m saving in taxes, I’m going to splurge and bump myself up to first class. First class! Somebody told me they serve warm nuts up there, and call you “mister.” I might not get off the plane!

Alas, I’m not one of the top two percent of income earners (even though Scott Walker says I’m a “have”), so I guess I’ll just have to settle for the scraps from that tax deal.


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3 thoughts on “Larry David: Thanks for the tax cut!

  1. The tax cuts are Obamas now.Bush had nothing to do with extending the cuts.Its all part of Obamas second stimulus

    1. Agreed. Perhaps we can call them the Obama/Republican tax cuts, since it was President Obama and Congressional Republicans who came up with the plan.

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