15 thoughts on “Man brings gun into school board meeting, fires shots (VIDEO)

  1. This is (one of the reasons) why I support CCW. A purse and words just doesn’t work against a crazy man with a gun.

    1. Had the woman with the purse had a gun she could have taken care of the threat within seconds instead of doing something completely useless and dangerous…and she would not have been arrested for carrying a concealed weapon.

      The reality is…had someone not fired back at this crazy man with a gun he would have killed a lot people.

  2. I do admire her courage, but you saw how she handled her purse. Do you really think that if she had a gun it would of turned out better?

    He was brought down with a gun, a gun held by a highly trained security guard and former police man. Right now they can carry weapons.

    I don’t think a shoot out at the ok corral would of been a good thing here.

    1. I support CCW only if those people who want to carry a gun are required to get training, a background check, and a permit.

  3. This is exactly what we can all expect from a CCW law. Did your spouse get laid off? Go shoot up the HR office. Did that guy cut you off in the beer line at Miller Park? Show him who’s boss. Some other dad giving you guff when you’re picking up your kid at daycare? Put him right back in his place. This is what the founders intended. God bless the American handgun owner for making protecting freedoms.

  4. Everything is political. Although this is not that political because Wisconsin is getting concealed carry and there is no stopping it with our recent quick turn to the far right. I was just trying to point out that this is a bad example of “why we need it”.

    I agree with Michael in everything except the getting cut off in the beer line at miller park. I want to make sure no one gets in the way of me paying $7 for a spotted cow when im watching the Brewers.

    1. Why do you feel this is a bad example of why we need a CCW law in WI? What would be a good example in your opinion?

      1. I think this is a bad example because FL already has Concealed carry and it did nothing in this situation(except maybe allow this guy to carry).

        As for what would be a good example, to be honest I cant think of one. I think police should carry and in certain jobs, the people should be allowed to carry if they choose to. I do not think you need to be packing to eat at Culvers.

        1. The Culvers incident was an open carry situation…and I don’t support open carry. I think it’s used to intimidate people by men with “wannabe” complexes.

          The CCW law did not “allow” the crazy man to carry a gun. He was a felon…and he was carrying the gun illegally. So…obviously…he didn’t care one way or another about the laws.

          What a good CCW law does is give people the opportunity to defend themselves with equal or more force against crazy people like this man….WITHOUT acting illegally themselves.

  5. Michael:

    Could you please point to the specific instances when daycares, ballparks, amusement parks, etc. are being “shot up” in states that have concealed carry?

    Your arguments against concealed carry would be much, much better if you could actually dabble a bit in fact.

  6. We could easily make an argument the fact there is “gun-free zones” as them being the reason they’re being shot up because they can’t defend themselves. I think it’s neither or that and has to deal with the individual more than anything else. The best we can do to prevent these instances from happening is by testing these people. And even then? People can just snap without warning.

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