Mike Tate running for reelection as DPW Chair

Mike Tate, the current Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, announced yesterday he will be seeking reelection as Chair of the DPW. In the statement announcing his decision to seek reelection, Tate acknowledged the party’s significant losses in 2010 but made the case that he’s ready to lead the party to victory in 2012:

“While we sustained significant losses in November, our party is emerging strong and ready – not merely to hold the Republicans’ feet to the fire this coming year, but to build for victory in 2012,” Tate said. “I understand the challenges ahead and the fortitude and commitment for which the battle now calls. I look forward to this campaign and look forward to continuing to serve Democrats in every corner of this great state as their chair.”

Given the drubbing Democrats took at the ballot box in 2010, I wouldn’t be one bit surprised to see a challenger emerge against Tate…in fact, I’d be shocked if he didn’t have at least one or more challengers.


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3 thoughts on “Mike Tate running for reelection as DPW Chair

  1. Glad you posted this. I will be highly disappointed if someone doesn’t challenge Tate. I have mixed feelings about the guy as chair, I certainly don’t dislike him, but I think we might need a different approach. What I’m getting at is, a challenge will be good for the party, no matter who wins. On one hand I kind of like Tate’s go-get-em style, but on the other hand, who in the hell is reading those press releases?

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