More on the betrayal of the state workers…

Zach has written extensively of Russ Decker’s betrayal of the state worker. We will see where Decker’s career goes from here now that his political career has disappeared. One thing that caught my eye that has not gotten much coverage was this story from the Capital Times on the Decker fiasco. While this story re-hashes the anger of Marty Beil and the arrogance of Decker, one thing specifically caught my eye:

“I have never seen a major leader do what he did,” said Incoming Senate President Sen. Mike Ellis, R-Neenah, who has been in the Legislature for 39 years. “I feel sorry for the workers. They got shafted by the Democratic Party.”

While the premise is true, Deckers betrayal is unprecedented, what is interesting is Mike Ellis and the Republicans know that the state workers got screwed! Which means that the republicans(as a whole – not a single defector) knew they were screwing the state workers and did not care. So if you are a state workers and vote republican, you know that the people that you vote for, know they are screwing you but do it anyway. It also show that the republicans are not scared to put party over people.

Mike Ellis let it be known(and I like Mike Ellis) that while condemning Decker for having no principles or morals, he was also condemning the republican party as a whole!!


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3 thoughts on “More on the betrayal of the state workers…

  1. he’s not saying his party screwed anyone.Decker screwed the people that donated to him. just shows how liberals don’t care about the people just the power,now he’s going to kiss walkers behind for a job

    1. You’re right…Republicans haven’t screwed over middle class state employees….yet.

      We have to wait until after January 3rd for that.

      As for what Decker did, his self-serving vote isn’t indicative that Democrats don’t care about “the people;” it’s just indicative of the fact that Russ Decker is self-centered and cares more about his future than that of the folks he was elected to represent.

  2. Ellis is saying that decker screwed over the workers by voting NO(which he did) but he is neglecting to point out that Ellis also voted NO, thus also screwing over the workers.

    Unless of course, if you believe as Ray does that you only vote for whoever gives you the most money for you vote.

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