Procedures, Bigotry and Political Dogma Bring DADT Fail

The Senate has voted 57 to 40 to end further discussion on the elimination of DADT.  Under the Senate’s draconian rules, this means that even with a tripartisan majority the issue is currently dead.  The faint light of possibility exists in Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins who are working together to revive the repeal under a proposed free-standing bill that has a chance of  achieving the needed 60 vote majority.  Showing their true colors Murkowski (AK), Brown (MA) and Ensign (NV), 3 GOP Senators who had stood behind the repeal of DADT after hearing the results of the military’s extensive troop survey, decided to stand with their party and vote no.  This continued hypocrisy shows that these senators have no shame on their two faced approach to governance.  Senators Kirk of IL and Graham of SC have no self-respect judging by their votes.

It also shows that the McCain-McConnell wing of the GOP is continuing on its path as a party of old white geezers who say no on anything and everything (unless it is tax cuts for the wealthy!) and are unwilling to recognize the will of the people and the reality of today’s work force.  With 67% of American’s supporting the ability of gays and lesbians to openly serve in the military, the 39 Republican Senators and one Democratic Senator (Manchin of West Virginia) who voted no should be ashamed of their vote. They do not represent the will of the people and dishonor the service of the thousands of gays and lesbians who have, are and will serve this country in the years to come not only in the military but in other important roles.


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3 thoughts on “Procedures, Bigotry and Political Dogma Bring DADT Fail

  1. DADT was not repealed because Obama–like all democrats–knows he can take the support of the gay community for granted. Likewise, republicans believe that the gay community will never support them regardless; so why bother? The difference is that Obama has a super-majority in congress. If he had cared about this issue DADT would have been repealed months ago. Obama and the other democrats just don’t care about the issues of the gay community.

    Interestingly, gays have served openly in the Isreali armed forces since ’93. I would assume that if it hasn’t been a problem for a nation constantly under siege, then it shouldn’t be a problem here.

    1. What is it about America that is different from Israel which makes it impossible (at the moment) for gay/lesbian people to serve in the military…?

  2. Keep track of those who pussed out on this issue and MAKE THEM PAY. Unacceptable to put up barriers to the best who want to be part of our military. PERIOD.

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