The Decline Of The Newspaper…

Beloit, WI still leads the state in highest unemployment rate. Beloit was one of the first cities hit by the terrible devastation of NAFTA, forcing the closure of the Beloit Corporation. (full disclosure, I grew up near Beloit, my family all worked at Beloit Corp and I still own a house in Beloit). The local paper, the Beloit Daily News, has been the paper of record through the boom years and now through the bust. Having witnessed such history, you would think that they had been paying attention. Then they came out with this editorial, and you wonder how they can be taken seriously.

Already, weeks before inauguration, Walker has demonstrated he is not at all timid about making hard decisions. He campaigned to kill the boondoggle rail plan between Milwaukee and Madison. Angry federal officials threatened to withdraw all those funds unless Walker backed down. The governor-elect, in essence, said, if Wisconsin can’t spend the money on things it needs rather than something it doesn’t, go ahead. When the feds sent the dollars to other states, Walker didn’t flinch or apologize.

Moral of the story: The agencies should expect an unblinking budget hawk, come January.

Since when has Scott Walker EVER been

an \"unblinking budget hawk\" and what “unblinking budget hawk” would turn down 851 million dollars???

Shouldn’t a newspaper editor have a responsibility to at least attempt to print the truth in their editorial? Should they not take into account what is best for their readership and not their partisan(far right) leanings? It is sad that when we need the free press now more than ever, they are shirking their responsibilities.

PS: When I brought this up to Amy Loudenbeck on facebook, she immediately kicked me off her friends list. Its sad because I considered her about the sanest republican in office. Its going to be a looooooong 2 years!


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