The red state welfare queens

Want to know which states receive the most federal spending per dollars of federal taxes paid in?

Look no further than the “red” states:

It’s ironic to hear red state conservatives rail against the eeeeeeevils of the federal government while at the same time those same folks are all too willing to stick their hands out and take as much financial help as the federal government will give them. Once, just once I’d like to see a conservative elected official in a “red state” put their money where their mouth is and say no to federal financial assistance, instead of talking out of both sides of their mouths.


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8 thoughts on “The red state welfare queens

  1. I attended a Rep. Obey listening session and he was confronted by a man who wanted to know whether Wisconsin was receiving its ‘fair share’ of federal dollars for the taxes sent to Washington. Rep Obey replied that this was a bogus question because there are states with a large military presence and there are states with low populations that act as conduits between high population centers. He cited states along highway 80 as an example of areas that may recieve a lot of highway projects funded by the federal government.

    Assumptions that states that receive more federal dollars are ‘welfare queens’ may not reflect the reality of what types of federal money they received. NASA, National Laboratories, military bases, military arms manufacturers, etc. may all have a significant impact on these numbers. And Alaska’s proximity to the polar regions (and Russia) almost guarantees a lot of federal dollars for military roles in that state. In addition we all know that Sen. Ted Stevens, not Sarah Palin was responsible for those federal dollars. (Hello, Bridge to Nowhere)

  2. There are lies, there are damn lies, then there are statistics. ANYONE can throw numbers around.

    PartiallyBlue is EXACTLY correct. By the way, North Dakota, South Dakota and Alaska, which are very sparsly populated states, hae a HUGE military presence.

  3. I have to acknowledge as someone who went to their states? There are a ton of problems with them and a lot of it is not at all given to the people.

    I’m aware of the military presence, NASA, oil rigs, and so on by all means, but I’m also aware of the conditions the people live in. Meaning majority of the taxes go to that and a lot of people’s health goes down the drain.

    That even means the sparsely populated states as someone who went there many times on businesses.

  4. I get that there are reasons some states get more money than others. The thing is when states are getting $2 for every dollar they pay, MAYBE the politicians should not be campaigning and running against Government!

    1. I hear you and I also want to mention that the Robin Hood idea behind collecting taxes from states with a lot of money and giving to states with less money is the very foundation of progressives, socialists, and some forms of capitalism (i.e.,Japan)

      I think that politicians that want to reduce federal spending in all areas that do not effect their states speak with forked tongue.

  5. Wisconsin was a blue state. Jeffery Dahmer lived in Wisconsin. Thus, all those blue state liberals must be cannibals.

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