D.C. Media, Ron Johnson To Bond Over Shared Ignorance of Constitution?

And it’s not who you think.

 It seems that Andrew Breitbart caught a video clip of Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein saying that he found the constitution “confusing because it’s more than 100 years old.”

Perhaps the liberal Klein will get along with Tea Party Conservative Ron Johnson after all. Here’s what Ron Johnson said in June about the Constitution:

“You know what, I will say, you know, prior to doing this I’ve sat down and read the Constitution, probably, clearly, probably 3, probably about 5-6 times. It is not an easy document to read. It is not, unless you study it in detail. It is hard to study, (It’s) so broad…” [6/11/10]

Lest one thinks that was just a slip, Ron Johnson repeated his feelings that the Constitution is hard to understand a few days later.

“There are some very basic things, you know the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, that are very easy to understand but still are disputed, which to me kind of amazes me. There are also things that aren’t quite so easy. ” [ 6/21/10]

So it seems Ezra Klein and Ron Johnson are equally confused about this whole Constitution thing.

 The more than 1,300 commenters on Breitbart’s article however seem to have it pretty clear:  It’s not too much to expect that our political and media leaders understand the Constitution.

Just don’t tell them about Ron Johnson?


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13 thoughts on “D.C. Media, Ron Johnson To Bond Over Shared Ignorance of Constitution?

        1. I don’t take a whole lot of cheap shots except the false statements some troll occasionally posts on my blog, which I can take.

          I can only take so much of Binversie’s smug know-it-all-ness. It doesn’t make you smart to know what “franked mail” means.

          And if you’re dumb enough to post some things on twitter…that’s fair game.

          1. Lol fair enough, but then I am in the camp that thinks everything on Twitter could be filed in the dumb category.

    1. Listening to Johnson, I conclude that he doesn’t really even know the meaning of the buzz words/phrases coming out of his mouth. He openly contradicted himself and sounded nervous. Russ Feingold knew what he was talking about and spoke reasonable things. Not just fluff around the statements.

      The reason Johnson won was because the same reason Democrats took the majority in 2006 – the president. People are not moved by logic, they’re moved by emotions, and Johnson was more emotional.

    2. Also, there is absolutely no “pwning” coming from Johnson in that video clip you posted. I would like to note, it’s funny how Althouse goes after Feingold for carrying around a copy of the constitution when Johnson says in the very same video he’s done so for years.

  1. There are two different “tea parties” so it depends on which one you are referring to.

    there is the “tea party” that is supposed to hold our Founders ideals dear. This “tea party” is one that would align themselves perfectly with Russ Feingold. The ones who started this country and built a democratic republic based on a Constitutionally limited government.

    The second “tea party” is one that is funded by dick armey and the koch brothers and had Fox news(term used loosely) to give it unlimited free PR. This “tea party” is 100% funded and controlled by the republican party and their corporate masters. This is the “tea party” that aligns well with ROJO.

    1. Yes, those all powerful Koch brothers who can force people to attend rallies, get more active, and vote a certain way. You’d think they were community organizers or something.

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