Haas submits nomination papers, will be on spring 2011 ballot

Jason Haas, a good friend of this blog and an all-around great guy, announced yesterday he’ll have more than enough signatures to be on the ballot as a candidate in the February primary for Milwaukee County Supervisor, District 14.

“I want to say thank you to everyone who signed my papers and for supporting my candidacy,” Haas said. “I’m excited to continue to reach out to our community, get people involved, and provide active, accountable leadership for Milwaukee County.”

Haas continued, “This is only the beginning. In the upcoming weeks, you will see and hear more from our campaign every day. As a community organizer, father, and neighbor, I understand that we must inspire, bring our community together and move us forward.”

Jason is a community leader, activist, and homeowner in Bay View. He is an active member of the Bay View Neighborhood Association, worked as a writer and photographer for the Bay View Compass, and helped with the planning and construction of the Hide House Community Garden. Jason moved back to Milwaukee in 2005, and graduated from UWM with a degree in History. Jason has over a decade of experience in media and twenty years of work in the computer industry. Jason, his wife Stacie, and children Ellison and Hari, are proud residents of the south side.

I helped Jason gather signatures (though not as many as I would have liked) so I’m glad to see he’ll be on the ballot in February. I have no doubt he’ll continue to pick up momentum heading into the primary election and will emerge as one of the two candidates to face off for the right to represent the citizens of the 14th Supervisory District.


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  1. First I heard of it, but congrats to Jason for stepping up and putting himself out there in hopes of serving his community!

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