Land of Confusion

Now that the Reagan presidency has been 20+ years in the past, many people have no idea what what actually happened during his presidency. The problem was the right wing Reagan Legacy project where Staunch republicans have rewritten history to make Reagan out to be a hero. They even coined the incredibly laughable term – Reagan conservative.

History is about to be retold once again as Reagan’s son, Ron Reagan Jr., is releasing a book: \"My Father at 100: a Memoir\".

The son of President Ronald Reagan suggests in an as-yet-unpublished book that his father was exhibiting the tell-tale signs of Alzheimer’s disease while still serving as President of the United States.

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Lets also not forget this classic:


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13 thoughts on “Land of Confusion

  1. Let me say this…I have been reading blogs for a few years now…and this blog post has to be one of the most mean spirited ones I’ve read. What exactly is your point, PP? That a man who is DEAD and can’t defend himself had a horrible disease while being president. Wow. One thing is for sure…I won’t ever feel sorry for you again when you whine about getting threats or people saying mean things to you..etc. You got a problem with conservatives or those who admire Ronald Reagan…go after them…or go after Reagan’s policies…but don’t go after Roland Reagan because he may have had Alzheimer earlier than thought. Shame on you…seriously.

    And for the record…he may not have been perfect but he loved this country…served this country…and he is an American HERO.

  2. Nothing mean spirited here at all. it is his own son who said that he had signs of Alzheimers while he was in office.

    In my mind its shame ful that they would allow him to continue in his position if he had Alzheimers. The question then is who was running the country? He had the most powerful position in the free world and it appears now that he was mentally incapable of handling that. Shame on his handlers who value power over the good of the nation.

    I am not making fun of his alzeimers i am saying if he had signs he should not of been president.

  3. Ron Reagan said he doesn’t have any proof that Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer’s while being in office. He makes that point clear. Did you miss it? Do YOU have any proof to back up your claims? Just because you say he had Alzheimer’s and wasn’t mentally capable while in office doesn’t make it so.

    Are you saying the second video isn’t ridiculing Ronald and Nancy Reagan. People like you really have problems. Making fun of a man because he had Alzheimer’s at the end of his life. Posting mean spirited crap like this just for the sake of posting it…without any real purpose is what is wrong with most political blogs.

    I’m really hoping Ron Reagan’s book isn’t written in the tone you are using it for…but if it is…shame on him too

  4. The 2nd video is an actual Genesis video from the 80s, making fun of his cluelessness not that he might of actually had alzheimers.

    He had “signs” of Alzheimers, he points out that one of those was his incredibly bad performance in the first Mondale Debate which was followed up by record spin. Did they do any actual testing? Was it a problem to them?

  5. Oh…I see…you didn’t make the video…you just posted it. Kinda of like the sexist comments you make…they aren’t your’s…you’re just repeating them because they are funny. Must be a nice way to go through life not accepting responsibility for anything you post or say…because someone else said it first.

    He didn’t have signs of Alzheimer’s during that debate. He showed signs he was human and lost his train of thought. For you to interpret that any different is your sickness coming out. According to you I must have Alzheimer’s because I have a terrible memory. Sheesh…

  6. I will not apologize for the Genesis video because I dont find it even remotely offensive. It was actually ahead of its time at the time.

    The first debate is what Ron Reagan Jr was referring to and Brian Williams was reporting on.

    The whole point of this is that Reagan was a horrendous president and there has been a huge push by the right to re-write history/.

    1. You see and hear Brian Williams reporting in the video you posted?? Now who is mentally incapable?

      I guess my point is you are a horrendous blogger.

  7. Michael Reagan said it best about the desperate for attention liberal, “Ron, my brother, was an embarrassment to his father when he was alive and today he became an embarrassment to his mother,”

    How desperate is someone that if this were even true you would drag it into the public just so you can sell a book. What I really laughed about when I saw this pinhead on GMA was when he said that his dad and all of the people around him were not aware of it but he was…….all of the people who interacted with him and only this lunkhead noticed it….OMG that is hysterically funny.

    1. Aaaaand you’re missing the point by making this a soap box attack against liberals. Again. Bravo.

      Anon and I are both filthy liberals mind you, and even we are fairly miffed at this post – I just didn’t bother saying it until now.

      I’m offended myself about people mocking him for his Alzheimer but as Ron Reagan said himself – Ronald Reagan was not defined as a person whether he had Alzheimer or not in office. I do sincerely think it started to take hold by the end of his presidency, but I don’t think it effected any of his decision making because he still didn’t forget he was the president. He just started getting temporary memory loss at first, which is why he needed the cards.

      It’s not any different in my opinion than Lincoln’s depression, JFK’s Addison’s disease, or FDR’s Polio. Their problems did not define their presidency.

  8. I am truly sorry to have offended the two of you(T and anon). This was NOt meant to poke fun of his Alzheimers, it was to show that his cluelessness in office might have been a more serious than just his lack of intellectual curiousity and the fact that he was not that smart to begin with.

    He was a horrendous president, alzheimers or no alzheimers, and if there was a problem of this magnitude, we need to have a system in place to make sure that we know the truth and his handlers cant hide such a thing from us.

  9. PP IO guess you missed the dummies backtracking this morning on GMA about the whole issue now…..he said what he really menat by the comment was…..anyway as for the rest of your personal attack against Mr Reagan just typical hate for him because he is a Republican.

    1. I don’t dislike him because he’s a republican. I dislike him because he made stupid decisions.

      Honestly, my family has nothing but good to say about how President Nixon ran the country – despite him ending up shooting himself in the foot with the Watergate Scandal.

  10. It turns out maybe ron reagan Jr. is correct!

    Whether or not Stahl made the right call—she seems to believe she should have reported something at the time—the evidence she later gathered indicates that Reagan aides were concerned about his mental condition during his presidency. Perhaps it wasn’t Alzheimer’s but another health issue. Yet her account and her subsequent reporting suggests Ron Reagan is closer to the truth than Michael Reagan. The Gipper was slipping while he was occupying the most powerful position in the world, and the public was kept in the dark

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