Legislative Republicans’ first priority? Not jobs!

Can someone tell me how voter ID legislation is going to create jobs in Wisconsin?

Republicans plan a one-two punch to require voters to show photo identification at the polls, with the quick passage of a bill followed by an attempt to amend the state constitution that would make it difficult to undo the ID requirement.

I’m not entirely sure how passing legislation requiring voters to provide identification will create jobs, but there’s no doubt it will certainly cost taxpayers money to implement.


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8 thoughts on “Legislative Republicans’ first priority? Not jobs!

  1. Well this is for good hard working Americans to …!

    Yeah I have no idea either. From my research, a lot of the people without ID actually are the elderly.

  2. They better have a huge campaign to remind people of this if it goes through.

    That said, it is ludicrous this wasn’t already required. When one of my sisters voted they marked down the wrong one. They fixed it when the other one came in.

    They NEVER ask me for my ID when voting. Anyone could walk in pretending to be someone that doesn’t vote and do so. I do not think this should be a first priority, but to me it’s common sense.

  3. You must have missed Walker’s agenda on jobs, which contrary to what PP says, reduces government interference. Maybe unlike when the Democrats were in charge, the Republicans are capable of doing more than one thing at a time. How long do you think it’s going to take to pass the ID bill?

    1. Why are the Republicans pushing a solution in search of a problem? It’s no coincidence that those most disenfranchised by voter ID (young, poor) lean Democrat, but even so, there is no shortage of Republican voters that are going to be hit by this as well. When the RGA sent out the absentee voting mailers clerks had people demanding ballots even though they hadn’t voted in years, and thus fell off the rolls. Ignorance abounds across party lines.

      Steve Prestegard was on the WPR this morning claiming that if you had to show a photo ID to get into a bar, cash a check or check out a library book, why shouldn’t you have to in order to vote?

      I don’t show an ID when I cash a check, nor do you need a photo ID to get a library card. If you don’t have an ID and you can’t get into the bar, you’re not drinking that night. If you don’t have an ID and you can’t vote that day, you lose your voice in democracy. Big difference.

      1. This is a solution in search of a problem. After all, if vote fraud is really such a widespread problem, why haven’t there been many more prosecutions than we’ve seen and heard about?

  4. forgot thats just not true. When someone gets injured and sues, instead of the court and jury of their peers deciding damages, now Scott walker will decide? that is major government interference, no matter how you spin it.

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