Milwaukee residents have a message for Scott Walker

Milwaukee Jobs Now!, a coalition of community groups, neighborhood associations, faith based organizations and labor united in an effort to bring good jobs to Milwaukee now, is calling on newly-inaugurated Governor Scott Walker to explain how he plans on creating family-sustaining jobs in Milwaukee after his opposition to the high speed rail line between Madison and Milwaukee led to the loss of jobs at train manufacturer Talgo.

In addition to asking for Gov. Walker to explain how he’ll invest in good jobs for Milwaukee residents, Milwaukee Jobs Now! is asking Gov. Walker to attend a community meeting in Milwaukee to tell residents face to face how he’s going to replace the good jobs that Talgo would have created in Milwaukee.

As part of the effort by Milwaukee Jobs Now! to send Scott Walker a message about jobs in Milwaukee, they’ve made a series of videos of Milwaukee residents talking about jobs in Milwaukee. Here’s just one of the videos:

If you’d like to watch more videos from Milwaukee residents who have a message for Gov. Walker, you can visit the Milwaukee Jobs Now! website.


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10 thoughts on “Milwaukee residents have a message for Scott Walker

  1. Did any of these far left extremist groups ask Mr Doyle what he was going to do about stopping companies from leaving the state when he was in office, of course not because they really don’t care about the jobs this is all political theater for them to fire up their voter base for the next elections, no one buys into this silly propaganda move by this group its really just an embarrassing stunt by them.

  2. OMG that was hysterical! I finally watched the video posted with this story, WHAT a HOOT! Talk about a staged video, I’m still laughing at that one! BTW I am still waiting for a progressive to tell me what those 13,00o jobs that have been lost due to Scott Walker,I wonder if ol’ Larry up there could find that answer in the script he was reading from! OMG that was so damn funny! please post more! I have got to blog on this…….

  3. And for the record, it tells me a lot about the kind of person you are that you think people standing up and making their voices and opinions heard on why they want to see good jobs created in Milwaukee is “hysterical.”

    You call it “hysterical;” I call it reasonable. How can we expect people to stop using the social safety net as a lifestyle, as you’ve asserted time and time again, if we don’t create good jobs that pay a living wage?

  4. Here is what is funny about it Zach. Its staged. Its not real. If it was why were these same people not making these videos when Doyle was allowing jobs leave this state? Why was there no outrage and anger, simply put this is a politcal ploy by these people, and they are using people struggeling to make a political point. Its sad and pathetic. I know there is a need for jobs in this state, and good paying jobs so familes can live a better life. But to sit ther and pretend that all of this just came into being because of Scott Walker is a joke. And anyway if people get good jobs what will happen liberals will look at it as more sources for their entitlement programs and just tax us more and more and people are no further ahead. If we can get liberals to stop acting like drunken sailors with athe working class paychecks then maybe we will see more successful familes.

    1. “Its staged. Its not real.”

      I could make the same argument about all those “grassroots” Tea Party rallies organized by front groups for the Koch brothers like Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks. I’d argue the whole tea party movement was a political ploy by those groups who used people to make a political point.

      As a side note, I cant’ wait for the day you learn to stop using sweeping generalizations when referring to individuals whose opinions happen to differ from yours. You’ve said some of us are “wet behind the ears,” yet we’re smart enough to realize not all conservatives should be grouped together in a generalization; it’s just a shame that you who seem to think you’re so much more worldly haven’t been able to make that distinction.

      1. As a side note, I cant’ wait for the day you learn to stop using sweeping generalizations when referring to individuals whose opinions happen to differ from yours.

        I think he’s just trying to even out the sweeping generalizations made against Republicans/Conservatives by a few other posters here.

        My guess is, were I to add them up in any given day, the numbers would be surprisingly close.

        Not that that’s a legitimate excuse – far as I’m concerned, it’s all bad.

          1. No disagreement whatsoever (as I said). Though three rights make a left 🙂

            I just find it a little…well…obnoxious that people are attacking gross generalizations from one but are perfectly willing to tolerate them from others.

  5. The facts are twofold here. First it does not bother me one bit that they are making the accusations, I am use to that kind of attack from progressives, and the second it is a well know fact that progressives live their life with blinders on, you folks from the Madison and Milwaukee area probably won’t understand that being city slickers.

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