Name the only U.S. Senator without a web page for constituents

Who’s the only United States Senator without any semblance of a web page for his constituents to visit and learn more about what he’s doing in Washington, D.C.?

The answer: newly-elected U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, who pledged to make “customer service” a top priority as Wisconsin’s junior U.S. Senator.


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41 thoughts on “Name the only U.S. Senator without a web page for constituents

  1. Constituent service is for career politicians. You don’t need a web page when you only want to stick around a few terms to gut regulations on business.

  2. Hi, since I’m actually able to talk to people about this, it’s not Johnson or his office’s fault.

    The Senate IT folks are taking forever to get around to him because of the large freshman class of Senators (I was told they did Senators in alphabetic order by states, so “Wisconsin” got hosed.) and it’s a bureaucratic hang-up in the Senate Administrative offices.

    Add in the 3-Day weekend now going on in DC and it won’t get done until sometime next week.

    1. Nobody believes that a sitting US Senator is being held up by IT staff. If what you say is true, then we have no leadership in Sen Johnson. If what you say is not true, then we have somebody behind the power curve who needs to get a move on. I prefer the latter.

  3. And he’s been in an office a whole 10 days! It would be nice if you could be as patient and understanding as you are with Obama. After all, you have given him 2+ years to do anything about the economy and unemployment, and he still hasn’t.

    1. The economy is looking a lot better than it was 2 years ago. Manufacturing is way up.

      And logistics of the site aside, my earlier comment still stands.

      1. Ha! “Contrary to the real evidence presented, I stand by my earlier smarmy comment which has been disproven.” Whatever dude.

        1. The only smarmy comment on here is below mine from a guy that thinks he’s a big shot for working on a campaign.

          Johnson was obviously going to get a webpage at some point. That doesn’t mean he cares what anyone other than his business buddies or career politician Republicans think.

    2. How hard is it to set up a website? Speaking from experience, it’s not that difficult, and I find it hard to believe that if Senator Ron Johnson or his office had taken the initiative to make sure this gotten taken care of it wouldn’t get done.

      1. Maybe not that hard, but everything becomes harder when working in the confines of the institution known as the U.S. Congress. My guess is that to create an “official senate” website you need to follow all of their rules and protocols and let their IT department handle it. Probably union jobs.

        It seems like you are nitpicking. You do not bother to tell us if this has been a typical experience in the past for other senators. And to somehow use this as evidence in your theory that Johnson doesn’t care about constituents, is flat out ridiculous.

  4. Unemployment at a all time high, Obamas lack of leadership has America a laughing stock world wide, soldiers are dying daily in his failed war, and what do liberals whine about A WEBSITE ……now that is about as pathetic and sad as it gets but so typical for the left, they have a failed president so the will do anything to take the focus off a country that is slipping into third world status.

    NO WEBSITE…that is hysterical…….. everytime I think liberals have hit their lowest childish moment they seem to find one more way to look even more pathetic and sad.

    1. Unemployment is not at an all time high. The only worldwide laughingstocks are the right wingers that fought anything that would improve the economy so they could capitalize at the polls last November. And Obama’s failed war? Seriously? Do tell, what was your stance on the war in Afghanistan 3 years ago?

    2. Johnson might not have his nameplate on his office door yet, either. The horrors! How will concerned citizens ever find his office?! Probably intentional. He doesn’t WANT them to find him.

    3. Unemployment rate as of December 2010: 9.4%
      Unemployment rate in December 1982: 10.8%

      Remind me Notalib, who was president in 1982?

      I’d also not that unemployment during the Great Depression was far above 9.4%, so we’re far from being at an “all time high” for unemployment.

      Data courtesy of the BLS.

      1. That would have been Ronald Reagan, a president who did not go around the world apologizing for America, but yes you are correct unemployment was higher in 1982 that now. Thanks for taking the time to proving me wrong… you feel better about that don’t you.

        1. My point in proving you wrong was to point out that you’ll say anything – no matter how patently false – in order to attack liberals.

          1. Zach,

            I think you’re being very unfair to Notalib.

            If the Right doesn’t use lies, distortions, smears and intimidation they can’t win arguments or elections, so your implied insistence in the above comment that we should stick to the truth really puts Notalib and his/her ilk at a rhetorical disadvantage.

            Shame on you.

            1. Not the entire right, we have some good righties on here, but the intellectually-stunted right represented by a very vocal minority on this blog does need all that to win an argument.

              1. I agree, honestly I have respect for Super ID and Locke, they generally are factual and reasonable. It’s a pity we don’t have more of them talking.

            2. Odd I do believe I admitted to you that I was wrong once you proved it, but yet you and Jimmy still want to make it personal……not that I am surprised by that, its how liberals keep this country divide, the us vs them mentality.

              1. “the us vs them mentality”

                I laughed so hard when I read that I almost spit out my soda…

                You’re right Jim, the statement bleeds irony.

  5. My feelings on the Afghanistan war from day one is that it is one we will never win. You are never going to stop terrorism, there will always be evil in this world, never going to put an end to that. What we should do is have all troops back in the states, no bases in Europe, the Far east, anywhere but the USA. Then base these troops along our southern and northern borders and protect our country. Let the world take care of their own problems we should not care if they all want to kill each other, more power to them I say.

    1. Your posts are hard enough to understand, what with the blatant lies and lack of logic and all, so if you learned to reply to the correct comment it might make your inane ramblings slightly easier to follow.

    2. Then base these troops along our southern and northern borders and protect our country.

      I have to ask you why northern parts of our border? I can understand the sentiments of the southern due to the illegal immigration and drug trafficking, but I’m curious why northern? Not trying to sound like an ass, but genuinely curious.

      1. The first reason is simple because it is a border with another country, all our borders should be protected. The second reason if I had just said the southern border the libs here would have immediately gone into their racist comment mood. That I hate brown people, that I am a racist because I only picked one border. I have been around way to long not to know the liberals M.O. its predictable and all so obvious.

  6. Nice job there Jimbo, I answer your hysterical rant, here let me help you since its is clear you are unable to fol ow a thread “Do tell, what was your stance on the war in Afghanistan 3 years ago?” and what did I get from you in response Jimmy, a personal attack…nice job of showing your true colors there James.

    1. Clearly you’re the one unable to follow a thread…
      And clearly, you don’t understand a personal attack. I have attacked nothing but your poor arguments, writing skills and inability to click the “reply” button when responding to a specific comment.

      Personal attacks have no place on this blog, which is usually a place for reasoned discussion, regardless of political leanings.

  7. Have you noticed how I answered your question about the war that since you did not get the answer you expected you have completely ignored the response and have just spent time whining about me…. typical lib backed into a corner they cower like a sniveling coward.

    1. “typical lib backed into a corner they cower like a sniveling coward.”

      Wasn’t he just commenting on how he got a personal attack from Jim, only to turn around and level his own personal attack? Ironic, but not surprising.

  8. Like I said you did not get want you had hoped for so now you are lost as what to do next. And no thanks about that pat on the back no idea where that hand of your may have been lately.

    1. Just for future reference, the comment about my hand is a “personal attack.” I’m not offended or anything, you just seemed to be a little confused about the definition before.

  9. Sorry, I can’t get upset by this yet. Perhaps next month, but not now. Too early for this rant. I am still waiting on the rant about obama lying about posting legislation online for a week before signing them…

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