Need a scapegoat? Just blame the unions!

Got a problem? Need a scapegoat? Just blame labor unions!

Why is our economy in the predicament that it’s in today? High unemployment, sluggish growth…who’s to blame? The unions, of course. The unions are the enemies of the working man. The working class must destroy unions for their own good.

Unions are the perfect scapegoat: an organization that benefits a relatively small number of actual members, which a mass of disgruntled outsiders can be easily convinced to blame for their own problems. (Immigrants are another good scapegoat!) Like the push to convince the public that our national debt is the fault of a few politicians’ pet earmarks—expenditures that grab attention easily, but that make up a laughably small portion of the spending we actually need to cut—blaming unions for unemployment is a brilliant stroke of political jujitsu, because it appeals to the very people that would naturally be allies of organized labor: the working class.

I have to admit…. conservatives have done a masterful job of convincing folks in the middle class that labor unions are the root of all our nation’s financial problems – and are therefore eeeeeeeevil – when in reality labor unions are one of the reasons our nation still has a middle class.


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