Paul Ryan is bananas????

Found this in my email inbox yesterday…

Our message is simple: over 80% of American’s oppose the G.O.P. repeal of health care. Paul Ryan’s fringe, dead-end legislation don’t belong in mainstream American politics. He is BANANAS.

Citizens of Wisconsin have participated in thousands of rallies and events in support of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed into law in 2010. In response to Rep. Paul Ryan’s leadership in passing the wildly unpopular “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act” his constituents in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District and statewide activists have started the “Paul Ryan is BANANAS” campaign. Ryan has talked the talk of a fiscal conservative, without walking the walk. The Bush II-inspired G.O.P. told Congress to spend without stop. This happened with Congressman Ryan’s blessing, his votes, and his lead in the charge to end the bi-partisan fiscal discipline of the Clinton years.

We will deliver “BANANAS” petitions to his office starting today: Tuesday, January 25th. The delivery NEXT TUESDAY (FEB 1st, 2011) will be followed by a brief 4pm press conference, including testimony from constituents positively impacted by health care reform, and a performance of the Star-Spangled Banner by the impromptu “Obamacare BRASS” of volunteer musicians.

“Activists will deliver a stack of petitions to celebrate President Obama’s historic 2010 Wall Street & health care reforms next Tuesday. We simply ask Paul Ryan to quit cryin’, and stop wasting congress’ time with legislation that’s bananas,” campaign spokesman Brennan Balestrieri said. “I’ve gone to countless events demanding health care reform organized by Wisconsinites across this state, while members of the G.O.P. continue to work to deny our rights to medical coverage and deny the existence of our support for this legislation. Repealing this patient protecting legislation is polling below 20% in support nationally, cryin’ Ryan need to get back to business.”

More information on this FEB 1st event will be release Thursday afternoon. The petition being circulated has the graphic of a banana, and will be delivered by a large peaceful, polite crowd.

Elected officials invited, and dozens of supporting organizations TBA

WHAT: dozens of activists and musicians to deliver “health care repeal is bananas” petition to Congressman Paul Ryan’s main office


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4 thoughts on “Paul Ryan is bananas????

  1. 1 – most of the US thinks repeal is nuts
    2 – the economy isn’t the fault of unions, dems or middle-class
    3 – GOP economics lost us 8 million jobs
    4 – Paul Ryan has sexy abs; allegedly

    1 – “More troubling for the GOP, the AP poll found that just 26 percent of respondents wanted Congress to repeal the reform law completely. A recent Washington Post poll found support for outright repeal at 18 percent; a Marist poll pegged it at 30 percent.”


    this has been out for weeks… why haven’t the market & investors (well informed billionaires) not fled from the American market or the health care sector? what does Paul Ryan and the GOP know that Japanese, German & Saudi investors (global capital) doesn’t know? health care reform is going to destroy America? why hasn’t it first destroyed health care stocks? (like the “market” destroyed the “middle-class job”, the middle-class pension, the one-earner family, middle class benefits, middle-class home values etc. etc. etc.)

    2 – we are a consumer & labor union, know as the USA; we keep our food, our streets, our air, our parks, our waters safe TOGETHER (w taxes). Ryan had ten years of deregulation & cutting taxes while letting spending skyrocket. He CAME INTO his pretty-boy, young Turk persona championing this economic idiocy.

    unions did not rule the 90’s or 2000’s. public & private unions were shrinking and embattled. UWM teaches a class in union-busting, taught by a union-busting law firm (with course outline available online). unions are GONE, not the problem. public employee unions are GONE, not the problem. as if teachers unions introduced impoverished neighborhoods to failure. NO kids fail in rich neighborhoods with teachers unions. kids OFTEN fail in the poorest neighborhoods with teachers unions.

    private & voucher schools?

    kids fail in poor spots, and do great in the richest: because poverty requires family and educational, workforce & other development outside the home. social scientists identified the percentage of poverty that makes a school fail decades ago, almost ALL public schools with over 20 to 30 percent of student living in poverty are unable to deal with the negative impact and influence which weighs far beyond their resources & mandate.

    3 – the poorest neighborhoods are getting larger & poorer, the middle class neighborhoods (& Detroit) are disappearing, and the rich neighborhoods have the new schools, libraries, hospitals, clinics, jobs & development that “old America” outside the ‘burbs can no longer compete for without Federal assistance (now that state assistance is fading from the picture).

    the way out is to support Detroit, as we did New Orleans, and rehab our economy. when you get a new hip or a new knee, you don’t start sprinting. many American cities aren’t ready to compete against global cities. corporations exist because of sweet-heart deals, TARP bail-outs and corporate welfare. our states, counties & cities are a much better investment than tax-cuts. we need more public tech colleges, grants for high school grads, and we need to stamp out the problem of private for-profit colleges robbing public coffers and the mounting debt on impoverished students. states need public new/green energy co-ops, and co-op banks.

    this is a rich-poor thing… the poor need more options & opportunities for dignity. they need strong protections and the “poor/middle-class” deserves support for the nation it built.

    GOP economics:
    loss of 7 million jobs

    Obama’s bi-partisan, pro-business recovery:
    lost less than 100-200,000 jobs


    4 – Paul Ryan’s REAL triumph are his SEXY, P90X abs:

    Maybe he’s helping Michelle’s anti-obesity push. Maybe voters LOVE “hotties”.

    With much love & respect to my G.O.P. friends,
    Brennan Dineen Balestrieri

    1. You mean this correct?

      Seriously, conservatives need to stop with this stupidity that wastes our tax dollars even more. Nullification was used by slaveholders to oppose federal restrictions on the institution. While the the original nullification fight was over tariffs and federal taxes, it quickly morphed into justifying slavery.

      At any rate, I believe we more or less settled the nullification thing back in the mid 1800s. If you’re not even allowed to do it for Great Justice, like Wisconsin and Vermont (sort of) did re: the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, then you sure as hell can’t do it over a health care law.

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