Sheriff David Clarke: willing to furlough deputies and jeopardize public safety

Apparently Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke isn’t afraid of jeopardizing public safety in order to send a message to his deputies:

Milwaukee County deputies got a reprieve from Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.’s order to switch to new gray-and-black uniforms under threat of suspension.

But Clarke is now threatening deputies with layoffs or unpaid furloughs if he’s forced to cover the $213,000 cost of providing one new set of the gray-and-blacks to each deputy. He won’t pass on the cost to taxpayers, Clarke said.

“We will absorb any added cost of uniforms through privatization initiatives, furloughs and layoffs, if necessary,” Clarke said in a statement Friday.

Putting uniform color above public safety….you stay classy, Sheriff David Clarke!


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5 thoughts on “Sheriff David Clarke: willing to furlough deputies and jeopardize public safety

  1. In my perfect world, employers take such good care of their employees and make decisions firmly in their best interest that it would never be necessary to have unions.

    And then I wake up.

  2. Are they snappy uniforms, at least? That’s what’s most important.

    Sheesh. At least the Postal Service provided us with plenty of uniform allowance. Half of us still wear shredded and disgraceful old duds with beer stains and smudges where the belly rubs against the sorting case, but theoretically, we HAVE the money.

    1. Eh, I suppose the uniforms are an improvement over what they had, but I still don’t understand why the department needed to change.

  3. Maybe I missed something but why was there a need to re-design the uniforms in the first place? Both uniforms seem functional. Quite frankly, I don’t care what color or design uniform the WCS Deputy wears as long as they’re available to do their jobs properly.

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