So yeah….about that “secret” recording

Earlier this week Charlie Sykes breathlessly “broke” news that he had a secret recording of Milwaukee County Executive candidate Chris Abele describing himself as someone who supports “lefty” causes at this month’s meeting of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County. Predictably, a few of the conservative blogs parroted Syke’s story, but there’s just one big problem with Charlie Sykes’ breaking story: the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County actually records their meetings and livestreams the meetings onto the internet. Here’s a snippet from an email sent out by the DPMC:

…as you’d expect, Sykes and Belling have been playing edited, out-of-context comments from Mr. Abele on their radio shows.

The Beavis and Butthead of Milwaukee radio even went as far as saying they had a “secret” tape, and that Mr. Abele didn’t know he was being recorded. Of course, the Milwaukee Dems very publicly had a video camera rolling, and we routinely live stream our meetings over the Internet. This was a totally fabricated “gotcha” moment.

Someone should really tell Charlie Sykes that if he wants to know what’s going on at meetings of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County, all he needs to do is check the live feed; there’s no need to send spies to make “secret” recordings.


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8 thoughts on “So yeah….about that “secret” recording

  1. Does not change the fact that Abele is telling some people he is a conservative and some people he is a liberal. I do not think someone who supports privatization, wants to starve the parks and the buses, and wants to get rid of county government a liberal.

  2. If it’s not a secret, I would really like to know where the general public can access the recording. I would like to hear what he said in a non-edited state, if it was the case that the comments were edited.

  3. If Charlie is “outright” lying then why can’t I find the audio recording of the meeting on the Milwaukee County Dems website? Obviously these recordings aren’t readily available so they only way to obtain audio from their meetings is to record it yourself. Again, how is this lying?

  4. Unsurprisingly, Milwaukee Talk Radio is scared shitless of Chris Abele, as they should be.

    A Dem MKE County Exec, a Dem Dane County Exec and another Dem elected anywhere (Say Green Bay or Racine) is their worst possible outcome. It turns the story and gives a line of defense against Walker’s agenda.

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