Wild Wild West

Since Wisconsin has yet to be a concealed carry state, but we all know its coming, maybe we can follow New Mexico’s lead. New Mexico state rep Zachary Cook (R-NRA), said he will introduce a bill next week to broaden the number of places where permit-holders can carry concealed handguns.

Currently you can not carry a gun on the bus or in a school, but in true spirit of the Founders(Sarcasm alert), Cook is looking to change that. The places that Cook feels a need to carry gun, includes:

They would include K-through-12 schools, colleges and universities, buses, licensed liquor establishments, and state parks and recreation areas.

Maybe we can just keep a table with guns at the front door of all schools that way if visitors do not have one with them then they can borrow one to carry while they are visiting. Why have restrictions at all?


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16 thoughts on “Wild Wild West

  1. I think I might prefer a conceal carry permit holder to have a gun around a campus to protect students, if and when violence breaks out. Permit holders never cause the violence, but they might be able to stop it.

  2. PP made an excellent statement, “Why have restrictions at all?”

    That is what the Constitution has been saying all along, thanks for coming to the side of Americans who support that fine document.

    1. The First Amendment doesn’t state anything about a right to post on blogs either.

      To all those who make the (very shallow) argument that the 2nd should only apply to muskets that were available at the time, how about if they’re only allowed to express themselves via parchment or their own, unamplified and unrecorded voice?

      Why does the 1st get updated to apply to the technology of the day but the 2nd does not?

          1. I have never made the musket argument. The Founders(Ie Jefferson and his allies) wanted no standing army and all men of a certain age armed. They did not mean everyone can carry anywhere they want the most up to date weapon of the age.

  3. Man a bazooka now that would be fun, hey neighbor you gonna shut your dog up from barking all night, no? Ok! BOOOOOOOM! Problem solved.

    1. steve if you fired off a bazooka that could jar loose some of that earwax that seems to be a problem for you.

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