Big People in Milwaukee…

\"We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes…,\" Leona Helmsley

This story from JSOnline is interesting, and it follows this related story from the 2010 election.

Chris Abele, the millionaire running for Milwaukee County executive, has made a name for himself over the past 15 years by giving away wads of cash to arts organizations, do-gooder groups and Democratic politicians.

But the Milwaukee philanthropist has shown himself to be tightfisted with one particular entity:

The State of Wisconsin.

For at least the past four years, Abele has paid no state income taxes.

Not one nickel.

But do not worry boys and girls, he is not alone:

In 2009, state Rep. Jeff Stone, a Greendale Republican, paid out about $1,600 in state income taxes and County Board Chairman Lee Holloway only $1,335.

Those sums would suggest that each official reported taxable income between $20,000 and $25,000 last year. State residents can reduce their tax burden through a variety of means, such as making large charitable donations or suffering business losses.

The state, meanwhile, has no record that another candidate, community activist Ieshuh Griffin, has paid any state income tax in recent years.

Indeed, only one of the five county exec contenders is making a significant payment to Wisconsin tax collectors year after year.

Former state Sen. Jim Sullivan, a Wauwatosa Democrat, plunked down $5,266 in state income taxes last year – more than the other four candidates combined. In addition to drawing his state salary, Sullivan is also a private attorney.

Can we stop having millionaires running for office, who pay no taxes in Wisconsin? Can we end the socialism, class warfare and heavy tax burden BS talking points finally? Can we stop giving more and more tax cuts to the rich and then talking about the laziness of the union workers? Can we reform the tax codes so millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share?



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6 thoughts on “Big People in Milwaukee…

  1. I guess Leona Helmsley was right….only the little people pay taxes.

    I’m sure there’s a myriad of different reasons as to why Chris Abele didn’t have any tax exposure last year, just as there seemed to be a million reasons why T. Wall didn’t have to pay any taxes, but that still doesn’t make me like it. I understand all too well that no one likes to pay taxes, but come on…

    On a semi-related note, I still can’t figure out how it is that I almost twice what my wife paid in withholding taxes last year, despite the fact that I made just over half what she made last year.

    1. Thats the point Zach, the more you make the less you pay

      That’s probably a bad assumption in general, and always a bad idea to assume in specific cases.

      Certainly, by pretty much any standard, Abele is wealthy. But wealth and income are not the same thing. Income is taxed, wealth is not. Well, unless somebody dies of course. My guess is you have no idea what his income is. If he’s cheating, & not paying what he legally should, that’s one thing – though apparently would qualify him to head the Treasury Department. But so long as he’s not, why should following the tax laws be held against him?

      Our tax code is a horrific mess, no doubt about it. Don’t hate the playa’ hate the game. 🙂

      1. You’re right….just as Terrance Wall never broke any laws, I’m sure Chris Abele hasn’t either, but it just sticks in my craw when I think about the fact that I paid more in state income taxes last year than millionaires like Terrence Wall and Chris Abele.

        But as you said, our tax code is a horrific mess, and situations like this are the end result.

  2. Locke, I agree I never said anything personally here about Abele or T wall. There just seems to be a pattern of Multi Millionaires who run for public office and are not paying taxes(even if it is “legal”). Its bi-partisan and not just a WI thing either I get it.

    The only time they really upset me is if, like T – wall was doing, they complain about what a tax hell state WI is while paying none.

    our tax code is a mess but its gotten so hard for politicians to even have a discussion about taxes now without being seriously attacked. It will be even harder when the repubs pass the 2/3 super majority to raise taxes bill.

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