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Having been at the Capitol almost non-stop since last Wednesday, here are some great links into what has been going on down there and elsewhere. Lots of pics soon and forgive me if these links have been posted!

Scott Walker owes the Koch Brothers!

Did I mention that Walker owes the Koch Brothers?

Robin Vos is a complete douchbag:

“The people who are not around the Capitol square are with us,” said Rep. Robin Vos, a Republican from Rochester and co-chair of the Legislature’s budget committee. “They may have a bunch around the square, but we’ve got the rest on our side.”

Sorry Robin, not everyone is on your side!

Ezra Klein breaks it down here. Not quite what governor Walker keeps saying.

Governor Doyle balanced a budget.

David Cay Johnston says we have problem but they are NOT the workers.

The Sconz captured the camel crisis at the capitol.

Even though it would mean the end of his governorship, the National guard will do what their told.

Robert Reich said this is no surprise, it\'s been planned!

Busting unions is not the only really bad thing in his bill…

The Fab 14 are NOT the first to skip town to stop bad legislation. hint: Abe Lincoln did it, and he was right also!

The bill could be devastating for at least one local school district.

I know Robin Vos and Alberta darling are usually off limits to anyone not 100% supporters, for $19 you can break bread with them.

Scott Walker likes to say “To protect our schools, to protect our local governments, we need to give them the tools they’ve been asking for, not just for years but for decades.Yea, umm Scott, not so much.

last but not least, give some love to Blue Cheddar!

Almost forgot: send some food to the Capitol.


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4 thoughts on “Catch up

  1. Linkedly link link link…

    If Robin Vos is a “douchbag”, what does that make Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz? Answer: LIARS! (I won’t namecall beyond that with the word you use)

    I saw those signs that said “FoxNews will lie about this”. Turns out it was MSNBC who did all the lying.

    I could post more links that don’t resort to Koch conspiracy theories, but I am too tired at the moment. Have a good one!

  2. Forgot….thanks for that…and its easy

    first off RAchel: she made a mistake in saying that we would have a surplus at the END of the year, when the TRUTH is we started the year with the $!21 million surplus. So she was right except for one word.

    Secondly: Under the plan, all employees would pay the same percentage of their income toward pensions.

    But the larger health insurance payments would eat up a higher percentage of the income of low-income employees than of high-income employees.

    So the total impact would vary on a percentage basis.

    That said, the total impact, in terms of a percentage of income, would not vary widely, according to Wineke. The vast majority of state employees take the same so-called Tier 1 health coverage, he said.

    Hmmmm it appears to me that some employees MIGHT end up paying up to 20% who cares though right it would only be the really poor state employees.

    Sometimes you really need to read politifact because they tend to skew some things and stretch it sometimes.

    Finally did you see this on your link?

    University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich: In a memo, he said a UW-Eau Claire employee who earns $40,000 per year would pay an annual pension contribution of $2,320, up from $80; and an annual health insurance premium for family coverage of $2,820, up from $1,068. That’s a total of $3,992 per year, or 10 percent of that employee’s salary.

    This points out, correctly, that state employees already contribute to their pension and healthcare. A pants on fire rating for the republican party perhaps?

  3. I gather the buzz around the Capitol is that Robin Vos is a closet homosexual. Is that true? Not that that’s bad. It’s just the hypocrisy thing that he has going on with his looking at gays as lesser humans, not deserving of certain rights.

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