Concerned about Gov. Walker’s assault on the middle class? Here’s what you can do to help, part 2

Earlier today I noted what you could do to show your support for Wisconsin’s public employees, and here’s more that you can do.

  • You can start by “signing” One Wisconsin Now’s online petition opposing Gov. Walker’s efforts to punish public employees for the fiscal irresponsibility of legislators.
  • If you’re interested, you can also attend one of the rallies being organized by AFSCME for Tuesday, February 15 and Wednesday, February 16.

There’s going to be a lot going on this week, so if you support Wisconsin’s public employees, be sure to do your part to make your opinion known!


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30 thoughts on “Concerned about Gov. Walker’s assault on the middle class? Here’s what you can do to help, part 2

  1. I sent letters to the 6 republican senators that may be persuaded to break from the pack (Fitzgerald, Hopper, Olsen, Kapanke,Schultz,Wanggard, Ellis). I cancelled my target credit card (because that corp’s money has been involved with walker’s campaign). I sent legislators’ e-mail addresses to friends and family. My husband will be attending a rally.

    1. Walker says he won’t negotiate with unionized state workers because Wisconsin is broke and he has nothing to offer them. Maybe he and his staff should all take paycuts same with the rest of the government, The Police & fireman should also take a cut oh thats right they gave you money to win well guess they won bigger. Instead of driving around in that nice new truck get your old car back, Have your wife clean your house instead of a maid service, also go back to college and finish like the rest of the teachers did, get a real job that you have to work at all day and take it home with you cause scholl dont stop just cause your out of the building. TO ALL GOVERNMENT YOU SHOULD ALL ONLY GET A TOP OF 8 YEARS IN ANY KIND OF OFFICE THAN BE FORCED TO WORK IN THE REAL WORLD

  2. Where was your concern for middle class families when Doyle raised taxes and kept kicking the problem down the road with his sneaky accounting schemes?

    I don’t think it’s too much to ask public employees to pay a little bit toward their own retirement and health benefits — something everyone in the private sector does. Why should public employees get free benefits on the backs of middle class private sector families?

    1. Well, in the first place, the majority of public employees in Wisconsin are under compensated compared to the private sector, even when the “free benefits” are included.

      But, as far as I can tell, that’s not what my coworkers and I were upset about on Friday. We’re upset that now we have no power over our wages or benefits, short of quitting and moving to the public sector.

    2. I don’t have an issue with the Governor working with employees to increase their participation in retirement and benefit plans. None whatsoever…but this is a mandate, not a negotiation…

  3. If the Governor’s perception is wrong – his solution is wrong!

    I cannot state it more clearly but our budget problems don’t stem from paying state workers(because these jobs are already are on the low end of the payscale)!

    If overpaid state workers and benefits were the cause of the 2010/11 budget deficits we would have had this problem 50 years ago. IT IS NOT TRUE!

    Unfortunately the Governor and allies would like to think that all hard Wisconsin workers can be fooled and be pitted against each other. What the Governor is doing is creating an atmosphere of fear and lies. We need to honor all labor and workers – union or not.

    Look at some greedy corporations in the banking and financing industry, energy companies, Pentagon contractors, etc. and you will see why the economy is in shambles. Not all private companies are greedy though – but the ones that were and are could be held accountable.


    1. How are workers being pitted against each other? No one is even losing their job. But you are partially right Bob, the budget problems don’t stem just from paying state workers, it is also the programs. But don’t forget, if you eliminate programs, you no longer need workers to run those programs.

      1. “How are workers being pitted against each other?”

        The police and fire depts aren’t being exempted because the Milw. unions supported Gov. Walker’s campaign no matter what some pundits believe. It is the wedge he’s trying to put between the other public unions and the police and fire unions. But if he is successful in neutering the current targets, the others will also be targetted. And then the private industry unions as soon as possible…

  4. The lie of the union membership is getting old, this is not attack on the middle class the plan would help the middle class as they workers in this state would no longer have to pay for union members insurance and retirement. All that is being asked of the unions is start paying what the rest of us already do, stop the whining grow up and join the real world the free you ride people think you have some special right to is about to end.

    1. Just like Sen. Darling you are using the ‘ask’ verb. No one is asking the employees to pay anything…the legislation that Gov. Walker is pushing will allow him to mandate those changes…exactly what is your definition of ‘ask’?

      And there would be no middle class without the historical union activity. You think you get benefits, vacations, 40 hour weeks on your own merit? LOL! And you want union benefits without paying the dues for union activity? LOL II?

  5. I would say to call all of your local elected officials also. This is election season and get them on the record for support or not of this bill. See how screwing over all of their neighbors works for them come April!

    1. I agree. I don’t think the majority of the general public will understand why it’s so outrageous for government employees to pay a greater portion of their own pension and health costs, when currently they are being picked up by taxpayers.

  6. If the Governor’s perception is wrong -– his solution is wrong!

    Notalib and forgotmyscreenname – if you forgot!

    If overpaid state workers and benefits were the cause of the 2010/11
    budget deficits we would have had this problem 50 years ago. IT IS NOT

    SIMPLE and TRUE!

    Time to spread the word.

    1. Are you saying state workers have been overpaid for 50 years!? Bob, it’s a mess. EVERYTHING involved in state government needs to be re-evaluted and cut back. There is no money. Unless you have a better idea? Haven’t seen any suggestions on this board yet.

    2. Bob, does that mean you will defend each and every state program simply because it involves state workers? That’s the very problem with public unions. They will defend unnecessary government expenditures simply because it would mean a loss of government jobs.

    3. I am not saying they are overpaid never said that, once that again just a tactic of unions to divide and play the us vs them card, all I am saying is that they like the majority of Wisconsin workers you need to pay your healthcare and retirement benefits and stop expecting the majority of the workers in this state to pay it for you. Thats what this is all about, all of the rhetoric and lies from the unions are just a desperate attempt of union leadership to stay in power and keep the union membership under their thumbs.

  7. I don’t need to have a solution – I didn’t run for Governor. But a solution is something that fixes a problem and not make it worse. Well and the inexperienced Governor will just make it worse… but he should know he is sending the wrong message.

    BUT – Now we know we you are coming from. Get rid of government. What are you suggesting? Dictatorship? Other countries are getting rid of theirs… Why we may have our own soon.

    You are sending out malicious propaganda about all state workers and their benefits. I think reasonable negotiations are the way to go. Maybe even temporary cuts.

    I am a business owner and my business will suffer greatly with the governors proposal. If you know how money works you will see the trickle down effect on businesses when people loose 10% and more. No more local sandwich shops, coffee shops, etc…

    So we all will shop at Walmart and Target and see their profits leave the state. Only this time all the profits will stay with the rich.


    If the Governor’s perception is wrong -– his solution is wrong!

    If overpaid state workers and benefits were the cause of the 2010/11
    budget deficits we would have had this problem 50 years ago. IT IS NOT

    SIMPLE and TRUE!

    Time to spread the word.

    1. Well you don’t like what Walker is doing, so you must think there is another way. Saying you don’t have any ideas just because you didn’t run for office is a total cop out.

      Yes, WI government needs to reduced. Getting rid of a government program or two is a dictatorship? Are you kidding? The two are not connected at all.

      Reasonable negotations? There is nothing to negotiate. There is no money.

      You really make no sense. Again with the 50 year thing. So you are saying that state workers have been overpaid for the last 50 years.

      You are a business owner. How would your business do if Walker suggested raising taxes to cover the deficit? No coffee or sandwich shops then either buddy.

      1. Or maybe Walker should suggest a tax on business owners directly, as PP seems to suggest. What would you think of that Bob?

  8. forgot its not on business owners directly, unless their business is rocking its on Corporations. The nerve right of asking wal mart and the banks to actually pay taxes for doing business in WI.

    1. But if Bob fears that this plan MIGHT hurt his business, let’s take away the ambiguity and tax him more directly as a means to solve this budget mess.

  9. I don’t have fear the Governor’s ill-conceived plan will. I know it will. I will survive no matter what. Also I will survive with more tax as well.

    But the crux of the matter is the “PERCEPTION” you and the Governor put on state worker’s salaries, wages, and pension. Your perception is wrong. It is not the problem with the economy and cutting benefits and income is not the solution.

    Look back in history – do we have this problem because of state workers and unions. Emphatically not!

    I don’t live in fear so I know these things. Yes measures are needed to cut costs. Realistically everything should be on the table including cuts and taxes, on both business(corporations) and individuals.

    But we don’t hear this from our leader. All we know is he will create jobs(out of thin air?) No he will create jobs by giving hefty hefty tax credits and incentives to large corporations. But at what cost and what is the budget for that? Hundreds of millions I can guarantee. But it doesn’t show up on a budget so it looks great. But in reality it is lost tax base to government. And the jobs that come in wont pay well or have pensions and healthcare…. so fear would be my enemy here if I so choose. Instead I will use my voice and help people like you understand the truth.

    If government has screwed the economy than business is doing far worse – just read the last 3 years of financial news.

    If the Governor’s perception is wrong – his solution is wrong!

    I cannot state it more clearly but our budget problems don’t stem from
    paying state workers(because these jobs are already are on the low end of
    the payscale)!

    If overpaid state workers and benefits were the cause of the 2010/11
    budget deficits we would have had this problem 50 years ago. IT IS NOT

  10. People, this isn’t even about asking union people to pay more. They were willing to do that in contracts negotiated and voted on at the end of 2010! What the governor is doing, without even TALKING to the unions is dictatorial. He is not just proposing we pay more of our pension and health care contributions. He is proposing taking away all of our bargaining rights–for working conditions, vacation, sick leave, safe workplaces. When these go away for the unions, they are going to go away for private sector at some point. Back when unions were started, we fought for a 40-hour work week. Private sector workers got that, too. We fought for an end to child labor. The private sector got that, too. We fought for safe working conditions, and the private sector got it, too. The list goes on an on. Unions helped create the middle class. Losing them seriously threatens Wisconsin’s middle class and ALL workers, private or public. If we do not all stand together against Governor Walker railroading this through the legislature, without due consideration, without even talking ONCE to the unions, we will all hang separately. He won’t stop with the unions.

  11. If you dummy down the paychecks of state workers, no one will be able to afford to pay back their student loans, thus you will dummy down the number and performance of qualified state workers. Governor Walker didn’t need a college education so he must believe no one else does either. Hope he checks his caregivers’ backgrounds in 30 years. Good thing his kids are almost out of public school too.

  12. State employees made millions in concessions last year and contributed MORE to their healthcare last year! They have up to 20 days of furlough last year and now this year. Yes, that’s right…concessions have ALREADY BEEN MADE!!! That’s the part that is killing these people. They have already done their part! They have already sacrificed! Let’s remember that they are paid a certain salary and benefit package that is protected by union contracts. That goes away because Gov. Walker decides to cut off the power of labor unions at the knees and suddenly in as little as one year based on salary freezes and slashed benefits they are earning a salary that could potentially be 20% smaller. Those folks will need to sell their homes, they will lose their savings, the will not be able to spend. How does this help the economy? We are talking about hard working folks who have already sacrificed for this budget crisis. Why does Gov. Walker insist on this group of people carrying this burden? Because this is not about the economy and no money, this is about unions pure and simple. It is the first step to union busting! There is not a single Wisconsinite that is not prepared to sacrifice to get Wisconsin’s fiscal house in order but this is going beyond that because good faith bargaining is being taken off the table and will not be apart of contract negotiations when these hard working folks already took a pay cut last year!!! To ask them to submit to giving up their rights to organize, bargain, and unionize is a SLAP in the face to 60 years of collective, good faith bargaining!!!!!

  13. btw: how much does the governor and legislature contribute to their pensions and health care benefits? Is it what they are ‘asking’ the public employees of the state to accept?

    btw: if this is to balance the state budget, why is it being mandated for counties, municipalities and school districts as well…seems like that’s overreaching for the Gov.

  14. It must be wonderful to have a convenient scapegoat for balancing the budget. If what we as public employees is so great, why didn’t I see people lined up for them when the economy was booming in the 90’s? Because we got paid an almost embarrassingly low wage compared to the private sector. Many workers in the private sector have been devastated by the economy and Jobs, or lack of. I for one am willing to say that as a public employee, I would be willing to look at what we have given up in the last 10 years to do our part. If we are not doing our fair share, do an expedited negotiation. Give both sides a month to work it out, then send it to binding arbitration. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KILL UNIONS PERIOD ? I agree they have their faults, and the leadership could stand changing, but having this plan of Walkers jammed down our throats without discussion…smells like Nazi Germany to me.

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