Follow Walker’s money

If you’ve ever wondered exactly which corporate interests contributed to Gov. Scott Walker’s gubernatorial campaign in 2010, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a useful database that allows folks to “follow the money” and see exactly which corporate interests donated to Gov. Walker’s campaign.

Here’s just a few highlights:

  • $28,000 from the Koch brothers (I wonder how that no-bid power plant provision in the budget “repair” bill will work out for the Koch brothers)
  • $15,000 from Wal-Mart
  • $14,930 from Journal Broadcast Group (No wonder they’re so in love with Walker)
  • $43,125 from the Concerned Realtors Committee (I’m betting they’re loving the choice of Cathy “developer’s best friend” Stepp as DNR Secretary)
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    3 thoughts on “Follow Walker’s money

    1. Here’s your reason for the No bid power plant provision:

      “The state knows darn well that it has got compliance issues with these aging coal plants, and so the violations are going to have to be corrected,” the newspaper quoted Madison Sierra Club activist Jennifer Feyerherm as saying. “How the governor thinks he can put lipstick on that pig and sell huge financial and environmental liabilities to someone else, good luck. Bottom line, those plants need to be cleaned up.”

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